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Arts' big names for sale at boot fair

Her work is usually sold in galleries fetching thousands, if not millions, of pounds. But today Margate's Tracey Emim was among many high-profile artists selling their work at a car boot sale as part of the Triennial in Folkestone.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to artists Jim Moir, Gavin Turk, Julia Riddiough and organiser of the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton.

Finishing touches to Viking boat that will go up in flames!

A group of carpenters in Kent put the finishing touches to their strangest commission today. They completed construction of a replica Viking the full knowledge that tonight it will be reduced to ashes.

John Ryall spoke to carpenters Andy Parkins and Bob Girardot from Broadstairs Shed and Suzy Humphries, Founder of the Ramsgate Arts Festival.


Second RNLI rescue in two weeks in Ramsgate

It is the second time in two weeks the charity’s lifeguards have been called upon to save someone dragged out of their depth by the strong water currents that flow close to the harbour arm.

The latest rescue, on Thursday 7 August, involved a fully-clothed 14-year-old girl who was splashing around in the shallows on a lilo with a friend when she fell off and was swept out of her depth.

RNLI lifeguard Dan Seagrove-Castle spotted the danger early and raced to the girl’s aid on his rescue board before she was taken further out to sea. He helped the relieved youngster onto his board and paddled her back to the safety of the beach.

"Our lifeguards are trained to spot dangers early and react quickly before a situation can escalate. In this instance Dan did exactly that by rescuing the girl before the rip current took her further round the harbour arm and potentially into a busy shipping channel. This is the second time in a fortnight we’ve needed to rescue someone from this spot at Ramsgate. This is a known hazardous area and we strongly advise people not to swim there. We’d urge members of public to follow the advice on the safety signs and swim between the red and yellows flags."

– RNLI lifeguard supervisor James Uren


12-year-old rescued after getting caught in rip current

A 12-year-old girl and her older brother were rescued off Ramsgate beach on Wednesday after they got caught in a rip current.

As the school holidays are now underway, the RNLI are warning beach goers about under lying currents.

Alexandra Hewitt from Ramsgate had been with friend splashing around the shallows when the current carried her and her 21-year-old brother out of their depth, past the harbour.

Beach lifeguard Jack Basson plucked the pair to safety as they were being swept out to sea.

VIDEO: Ramsgate tunnels reopen to the public

It was one of Kent's best kept secrets, but during the Second World War thousands of people took refuge from German bombs in a network of tunnels dug out by hand in the cliffs under Ramsgate. After the war they were abandoned, until a group of enthusiasts decided to restore them.

Now, after three years of blood, sweat and tears, the tunnels have finally reopened to the public, giving people the chance to explore this extraordinary "town beneath a town". Watch Andrea Thomas report.

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