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Major delays at Reading station

Major delays and cancellations at Reading after the weekend engineering works over ran.

Services are running but many are late.

The station had been closed for four days to allow work to be completed for the first phase of the new station to open.

Services are now running but delays continue.

A broken down train near Pangbourne is adding to the problems.

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Amazing timelapse video of railway bridge move

It's the biggest construction project in the south and at a cost of almost £1 billion should bring to an endmisery for millions of rail passengers a year.

Reading station is now so busy it can no longer cope. The solution is the biggest ever upgrade project of its type with new buildings, a massive train depot and five extra platforms.

If you travel through the station from Paddington, Gatwick, Southampton, Newbury, Swindon, Oxford or Banbury you are certain to have been delayed.

Engineering work has now reached the halfway stage with 1,200 people now on site.