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Boy in hospital after coastguard rescue on the Isle of Wight

The eight-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital from Appley beach Credit: Bright Wight Images
Lifeboat crews rescued the youngster from the sea in Ryde Credit: Bright Wight Images

An eight year old boy was pulled into a lifeboat from the water at Appley beach in Ryde on the Isle of Wight yesterday. The Solent coastguard helicopter then airlifted the child to St Mary's Hospital in Newport.

Thousands of people were in the area at the time for Armed Forces Day. The boy was later transferred to Southampton Hospital where his condition was described as critical but stable.

Cow has sinking feeling after getting stuck in bog

This cow got stuck in a bog near Southampton Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

A cow was pulled to safety by fire crews after becoming trapped in a bog in Southampton.

Following a call from a local farmer, control room operators mobilised animal rescue specialist Buster Brown to Gaters Mill nature reserve, Swaythling, just before 5pm.

A 14-month old Aberdeen Angus cross heifer had become stuck in deep boggy mud and was trapped close to the River Itchen.

Crews from Overton, St Marys and Lyndhurst were able to place a strop around the cow's body and pull it free from the mud.

Buster said: "It's not uncommon for us to assist in such incidents and using prescribed methods approved by the veterinary industry, the cow was safely assisted to dry ground where it was returned back to its herd.

"The farmer was in attendance throughout the rescue and was very grateful for our assistance."


Inflatable boat rescued in the Solent

A RIB which was adrift after suffering an engine break-down in the Solent last night resulted in Cowes RNLI lifeboat being launched.

Solent Coastguards asked the lifeboat to launch after the RIB, with five people on board, was drifting on to a beach near the entrance to Beaulieu River.

Lifeboat crew member Stuart Higgs waded ashore to further investigate, and also to the scene went a mobile coastguard unit.

It was agreed that as the boat was by now so firmly on the shore that rather than wait for the next incoming tide it would be better for the RIB to be taken away on a trailer.

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Animal rescue crisis in south-east

For a nation of animal lovers we're doing a pretty bad job. Animal centres across Kent are reporting ever greater numbers of cats, dogs and other pets being dumped, abandoned or mistreated.

The RSPCA says its centres at Canterbury and Leybourne are now at crisis point - so full, they simply can't deal with any more animals. David Johns reports, speaking to Christine Dooley and Adele Collier from the RSPCA in Kent.

To help re-home a cat or any of the other animals, please call the RSPCA on 0300 123 0751 or visit

Fire brigade praise neighbour for bravery

Fire crews were called to a house fire on Devices Road in Salisbury just before 9 o'clock this morning. The alarm had been raised by a next door neighbour who had also gone in and rescued the elderly woman living in the house.

"This highlights how important keeping an eye out for each other can be, especially vulnerable people, every day community support can save a life."

– Station Manager Dan Cooke Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

Dog gets head stuck in wall

It's a dogs life for Lexi who got stuck in this wall Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

A dog had to be rescued after her head stuck in a wall.

Lexi, an eight month old field cocker spaniel, was rescued by a member of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Animal Rescue team.

Lexi had to be rescued by Hampshire and Fire and Rescue Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

The dog's owner, Vicky Lovelock, called for help incident when the poor pooch got stuck in White Hart Lane, Portchester, yesterday

Vicky said: “I was walking Lexi and she was on the lead. She must have smelt or seen something which drew her attention enough to poke her head through a wall."

Reunited at last: Vicky Lovelock and Lexi Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Animal Rescue Specialist, Anton Phillips said: “I asked Vicky to hold the dog firmly whilst I released Lexi by using a hammer and chisel, gently using the chisel to crack the wall."

Vicky added: “I am so grateful to Anton and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service."


Man overboard is missing at sea

Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched just after midnight when a crewman fell overboard in gale force winds and violent seas from a passing tug five miles south of Sovereign harbour.

The tug Endurance, with two people on board, was on passage from Dover to Brighton

with a 60ft motor cruiser under tow when the man fell overboard. His colleague sent out a Mayday distress call which mobilised the rescue services.

Eastbourne ALB began the search close inshore off Beachy Head joined later by Coastguard Rescue helicopter 104. The two lifeboats continued their search throughout the night, but found nothing and abandoned the search after 9 hours at sea.

Dexter the dog rescued after 30 foot quarry fall

Dexter fell 30 feet into the quarry Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

A specialist fire team have rescued a dog which fell 30 feet into a quarry in Kent.

Jason Ensinger was walking Dexter, a three-year-old cross breed, when the much-loved pet ran under a fence and slid 30 foot down the quarry. He became stuck on a ledge, approximately 50 feet from the bottom.

A specialist line team from Kent Fire and Rescue were called in to rescue him.

A specialist line team descend into the quarry Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

Station Manager Dean Firmin explained what happened next: "Wearing a harness, a firefighter was lowered down but he then had trouble trying to get the dog and it was becoming increasingly anxious and was trying to escape so we were starting to worry that it could fall off the ledge.

"Following a suggestion by Jason, we then gave him a harness and clipped him onto our firefighter; making sure they were both safely attached, they then went down to the ledge. Fortunately this time, the dog was happy to go to his owner and he was successfully brought back to safety.

The line rescue team are specially trained and equipped to deal with this sort of rescue and we're pleased we were able to help."

Dexter stranded in the quarry Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

Jason said: "We can't thank them enough as Dexter is more than a family pet, he's like a child to us and we were so frightened for him, especially as he became more scared and started trying to run around on the ledge.

"The fire crews were fantastic and I know people would say 'what's the fuss, he's just a pet?' but he's more than that and we're so very thankful that they managed to help."

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