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SWT strike still planned for Friday

Rail workers in the south say they are still planning to take industrial action during the Olympics in a row over a Games bonus payment.

Up to 1,000 members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union at South West Trains will work to rule, including a ban on overtime, from Friday, the day of the opening ceremony, to August 12, the last day of the Games.

Union members at the firm rejected going on strike but voted for other forms of action.

The union has been seeking a bonus for its members for working during the Games, but SWT insisted it had already agreed a wage deal which covers the Olympics period.


RMT latest from our Transport Correspondent

Staff at SW Trains voted not to strike during the Olympics but may still refuse to work overtime/rest days, writes Mike Pearse. The company welcomed the news and said managers have been trained to take the place of workers who took part in any action.

The vote not to strike was by a majority of four votes. The row centres on an RMT union demand for a bonus for working during the Olympics. They say with an extra 80,000 passengers a day they should be compensated for the extra work. They say other companies are paying up to £750.

But managers say it was included in a deal of over four per cent this year and have insisted they will not pay. With managers trained, it is expected the vast majority of passengers willnot be affected.

Action but no strikes on South West Trains

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union on South West Trains have voted to take industrial action short of a strike in a row over an Olympic bonus, but rejected strikes by a narrow margin of just four votes.

General Secretary Bob Crow said: "Our members have been consulted by the union in this democratic vote and by the narrowest margins have opted not to take strike action but have voted by a significant margin for action short of a strike.

"The position will be considered further by the union's executive."


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