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Two fishermen rescued off the south coast

Margate’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat was called out late last night (Friday 5 December) after a fishing vessel encountered problems on its delivery voyage.

The 10m long fishing vessel with two persons on board was on passage from Burnham-on-Crouch to Portsmouth when, while about five miles north of Margate, and in worsening weather conditions they encountered problems first with their electronic navigation system and then with their main engine.

The crew contacted coastguards at Dover and requested assistance to reach safety.

Margate’s all-weather lifeboat ‘Leonard Kent’ was tasked to assist and once on scene it was established that the fishing vessel’s progress using their faltering engine was insufficient to make safe progress so the vessel was taken in tow.

After an uneventful passage the refuge of Ramsgate harbour was reached and the vessel secured safely alongside, their journey temporarily interrupted.

Both crew were none the worse for wear after their experience.


Yachtsman killed in high winds

Cowes RNLI lifeboat was among rescue services that attended a large yacht in which a man was fatally injured in what was a near-gale south-westerly today.

The alert was sparked by a ketch radioing Solent Coastguards shortly after 1 pm that a person had been seriously injured. To the scene raced the Cowes Atlantic 85 lifeboat, the police launch Commander and the Lee-on-Solent based rescue helicopter.

The winchman from the helicopter was lowered to the yacht, and after he had assessed the casualty the yacht proceeded to Trinity Landing, escorted by the lifeboat. There the yacht was met by coastguards and the crew of an ambulance which took the casualty on to St Mary’s Hospital.

Earlier the lifeboat acted as go-between for the winchman, taking him on board then transferring him to the police launch from which he was lifted back into the helicopter.

This was the second incident in two days that Cowes lifeboat had been called out to a yacht where a yachtsman had been a casualty of strong winds. In the first a Norwegian was treated at St Mary’s for arm and shoulder injuries, from an apparent accidental gybe. It is understood that the yacht was based in Southampton and was on its way to Yarmouth but before the accident was diverting to Cowes because of the weather conditions.

Cowes lifeboat returned to station at 2.20 pm.

“Irrespective of the outcome, this was a good example of emergency services working in a joined up fashion to deal with a most unfortunate incident. It shows the value of joint training carried out in the Solent by all these rescue units.”

– Lifeboat launch authority, Harry Leslie

Second RNLI rescue in two weeks in Ramsgate

It is the second time in two weeks the charity’s lifeguards have been called upon to save someone dragged out of their depth by the strong water currents that flow close to the harbour arm.

The latest rescue, on Thursday 7 August, involved a fully-clothed 14-year-old girl who was splashing around in the shallows on a lilo with a friend when she fell off and was swept out of her depth.

RNLI lifeguard Dan Seagrove-Castle spotted the danger early and raced to the girl’s aid on his rescue board before she was taken further out to sea. He helped the relieved youngster onto his board and paddled her back to the safety of the beach.

"Our lifeguards are trained to spot dangers early and react quickly before a situation can escalate. In this instance Dan did exactly that by rescuing the girl before the rip current took her further round the harbour arm and potentially into a busy shipping channel. This is the second time in a fortnight we’ve needed to rescue someone from this spot at Ramsgate. This is a known hazardous area and we strongly advise people not to swim there. We’d urge members of public to follow the advice on the safety signs and swim between the red and yellows flags."

– RNLI lifeguard supervisor James Uren

100-year-old brandy bottle left to RNLI

A brandy bottle that was left to the charity in a woman's will has been unveiled at the Poole RNLI centre today.

Mary Sennett left a note alongside the bottle with instructions to keep the bottle until 2014, where it should be sold at auction for the RNLI and WWF UK.

The special brandy was locked away in a safe by the RNLI after Mrs Sennett passed away in 1990.


12-year-old rescued after getting caught in rip current

A 12-year-old girl and her older brother were rescued off Ramsgate beach on Wednesday after they got caught in a rip current.

As the school holidays are now underway, the RNLI are warning beach goers about under lying currents.

Alexandra Hewitt from Ramsgate had been with friend splashing around the shallows when the current carried her and her 21-year-old brother out of their depth, past the harbour.

Beach lifeguard Jack Basson plucked the pair to safety as they were being swept out to sea.

"Mindless vandalism that could cost lives"

Video. "Mindless vandalism that could cost lives." That's the reaction to an incident which saw two inshore rescue lifeboats slashed and punctured at a seaside resort, used by thousands of holidaymakers.

It happened at Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, just days before the school holidays and at the peak of the summer season. All crew members and the back-up teams are volunteers, and raise their own funds.

July and August are the busiest months of the year for the rescue teams. Last year they saved nearly 100 people who got into difficulty in the water. And they are usually on call 365 days of the year, but not any more.

Dave Russell reports, and spoke to Adrian Farrell from Ryde Inshore Lifeboat.

Beach lifeguards on patrol at Bognor Regis for first time

The new lifeguards at Bognor have been fully trained in the use of lifesaving equipment Credit: RNLI/James Oxley

Lifeguards will be patrolling the beach in Bognor Regis this summer for the first time. The new service from the RNLI, on behalf of Arun District Council, is being launched this weekend.

The lifeguards will be on patrol from 10am - 6pm every day from Saturday 5th July until the 7th September.

The lifeguards will also be offering swimming safety tips to holidaymakers Credit: RNLI

Teams will be equipped with the latest lifesaving equipment including rescue tubes, defibrillators and spinal boards.

The lifeguards will operate from two lifeguard hubs on the beach Credit: RNLI

RNLI Lifeguard Manager Rory Smith said: "We're delighted to team up with Arun District Council to help keep visitors to Bognor Regis's beach safe during the summer.

"Building on the expertise we have developed through 13 years of providing beach patrols elsewhere on the coast, our new lifeguards have been training hard in preparation for the season's opening on Saturday 5 July.

"Bognor is a busy seaside resort which attracts lots of tourists and locals to its beaches and our lifeguards will be keeping them safe throughout the summer months."

RNLI warns 'alcohol and water do not mix'

RNLI crews have been involved in a number of alcohol-related rescues

The RNLI has been reminding the public that 'alcohol and water do not mix'. The alert comes after one man jumped from Brighton Pier after one too many drinks.

Roger Cohen, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Brighton RNLI said:

"We all know what it's like; a hot day, a few drinks with friends, the sun beating down. Suddenly the sea becomes a seductive and inviting way to cool off. But as these, and other incidents, show, alcohol and water don't mix.

"My lifeboat crew who assisted the man that jumped from the pier believed he was heavily under the influence of drink - they assessed his condition and concluded he had been drinking.

"What seemed like a bit of harmless fun jumping from the pier into the sea below could have ended much worse for him."

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