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Busy weekend for lifeboat crews in Kent

A busy weekend for lifeboats in Kent Credit: RNLI

It was a busy weekend for Margate's RNLI inshore lifeboat. Both Margate and Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboats were called out on Sunday afternoon after a small yacht was reported to be in difficulties at the base of the cliffs in Stone Bay. The sole occupant had entered the water attempting to return his vessel to deeper water.

The lifeboat crew found the occupant to be cold and confused. He was taken on board the Margate inshore lifeboat and and put in a casualty bag.

Just a few hours later Margate’s inshore lifeboat was called out again after Kent Police received a call from a person in distress at Margate’s main sands.


Kitesurfer dies after being caught in squall

The rescue team at the scene Credit: RNLI

A kitesurfer has died after being caught in a squall along Hayling sea front in Hampshire. Full report from RNLI below.

An experienced kite surfer was the other side of the sand bar along Hayling sea front. As a squall came through he had to drop his 15 metre kite. This was noticed by another kitesurfer who saw that, after the squall had passed, he was having trouble. Sailing over to him he was found to be head down in the water and unconscious. With great skill the other kite surfer turned him face up and towed him and his kite towards the beach. This became more difficult so he was left on a yellow marker buoy 200 metres off the beach. One of the managers of the kite school saw this taking place and called the lifeboat station directly as she knew we would be launching a exercise. The crew were already changed, were briefed and launched within a few minutes. Due to the low tide the Atlantic 85 had to go right out to the West Pole Beacon before turning back in towards the Hayling Beach. As they arrive on scene they saw a man swimming in the water pointing to the unconscious man attached to the yellow buoy. The lifeboat went alongside the unconscious man cutting him free from his kite lines and bringing him on board. They then picked up the other man from the water, ran the Atlantic 85 up the beach, placing the casualty on the beach and commencing CPR. Our honorary paramedic arrived with a defibrillator. The Coastguard helicopter arrived and landed nearby. They brought their stretcher, took over the CPR and transferred him the helicopter. They left for Queen Alexandra hospital where he was pronounced dead. Portsmouth lifeboat arrived, untangled the kite from the buoy and retrieved his board. Once Hayling Lifeboat was relaunched these items were passed to Hayling lifeboat who handed them over to the Coastguard


Man rescued after plunging into sea from Eastbourne pier

A man is lucky to be alive after being rescued from the English Channel, after he jumped off Eastbourne pier.

RNLI volunteers scrambled to help rescue the 27-year-old who went into cold water shock after jumping from the Grade II listed structure on Saturday night.

Witnesses saw the man struggle in the cold sea conditions, before he clambered up the pier supports screaming for help.

Several 999 calls were made to the Coastguard before the Eastbourne RNLI inshore lifeboat launched.

Credit: RNLI

An RNLI spokesman said its crew arrived quickly, hoisted the man on board its lifeboat and transferred him to the beach where police and ambulance crews were waiting.

Warnings about number of deaths in cold water

Most deaths happen shortly after entering cold water Credit: ITV

Sea survival experts from the University of Portsmouth have been sharing their latest research with the RNLI. Around 60 per cent of deaths in cold water happen within the first few minutes of entering the water.

The scientists are using an extreme environment lab with chambers capable of simulating temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees. Their data may help improve survival rates.


Teenager drowns at Camber Sands

A teenager has drowned and two other men are in hospital after getting into difficulty in the sea over the weekend.

It happened at Camber Sands on the Kent/Sussex border yesterday afternoon.

The beach was crowded at the time, there were beach patrol officers on duty but no lifeguards.

A 19 year old man from Brazil, who was visiting family in Croydon was discovered in the water by a group of kite surfers . Charlotte Wilkins reports.

VIDEO REPORT : 36 saved in dramatic rescue

More than 30 schoolchildren have been rescued by helicopter and lifeboats from a Kent beach after becoming trapped by the rising tide.

The hiking party - which included two adults - were plucked to safety after straying from a coastal path between Dover Harbour and St Margaret's Bay.

The youngsters used mobile phones as distress beacons. Two hours later they would have been swimming for their lives.

In her report Sarah Saunders spoke to Matt Ivatt of the Dover coastguard, Billy Hollis of the Dover RNLI and resident Jean Smith. Video footage and still provided by @kernowsailing and Stuart Brock Photography.

Littlehampton RNLI to take delivery of new lifeboat

The lifeboat carries a crew of four Credit: RNLI

Littlehampton RNLI is to take delivery of a new lifeboat in May.

The Atlantic 85 is a RIB - a rigid hulled boat, powered by twin 115hp outboard engines, is capable of speeds of more than 35 knots/40mph.

She carries a crew of four and has a higher level of electronic navigational and communication equipment than the boat she replaces.

The new radar system allows the volunteer crew to operate more effectively in poor visibility. Like her predecessor, the current Atlantic 75 lifeboat Blue Peter 1, she will be self-righting.

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