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Widow's support for road safety campaign

Project Pictogram will highlight road safety Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

The widow of a Hampshire man who died in a crash on the M27 a year ago is backing a new road safety campaign.

45 year old Kevin Burton, from Southampton, died in the crash near Whiteley when his car was hit by a lorry and burst into flames. The driver of the lorry was jailed for ten months after admitting he'd been distracted at the wheel.

Rachael says her husband would still be alive today if the driver had been paying more attention.

Project Pictogram will see road safety symbols stuck on the back of thousands of commercial vehicles to remind drivers to slow down, not use mobiles and to keep a safe distance.

Safety tips for driving in fog - worth a read in case you ever come across a sudden bank of fog on the roads

Foggy conditions on a motorway

Parts of the region have been covered in fog this morning - creating a hazard for drivers. The Highway Code gives instructions on what road users must do when driving in adverse weather.

The Highway Code guidance states that before entering fog drivers should:

'... check your mirrors then slow down. If the word ‘Fog’ is shown on a roadside signal but the road is clear, be prepared for a bank of fog or drifting patchy fog ahead. Even if it seems to be clearing, you can suddenly find yourself in thick fog.'

Fog above the Isle of Sheppey in Kent

Driving more slowly, and with greater care may seem obvious, but there are a few more tips that may be useful. The Basingstoke-based AA have compiled a list of advice for people who may have to drive in fog. Among the tips put forward are:

  • Familiarise yourself with your front & rear fog lights - know how to switch them on and off

  • Beware of other drivers not using headlights

  • Be able to stop within the distance you can see clearly - particularly important on motorways & dual carriageways, as vehicles are travelling faster.


Advice forum created for older drivers

Road safety experts from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have come together to produce an advice forum for older drivers to stay safe.

The forum ( offers information to older drivers and their friends and family.

To highlight the types of issues the older driver may encounter, the forum is running an Older Driver Awareness Week from Monday 23rd September to Saturday 28th September at various locations across the county.

The scheme comes after an increase in collisions on the road involving drivers over 70.

The forum is also launching several videos about the support available to older drivers.

The Older Drivers Awareness events will provide guidance and advice as well as eyesight tests, renewing licenses and how to stay independent without a car.

Cyclists' plea to make roads safer

Cycling campaigners are hoping the Government will give the go ahead on funding to improve road safety. An all party report highlights cycling blackspots across the South and says more people would use bicycles if conditions improve.

Sally Simmonds has been talking to Chris Sole, who had a bicycle accident, Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association and Norman Baker the transport Minister.


Charitable trust campaigns for teenage drivers

Newly qualified teenagers are responsible for 310 deaths and more than 4,500 serious accidents a year. But now a major new campaign for improvements to the way young people are taught to drive is being backed by MP's, motoring groups and police.

Meridian's Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse spoke to Josh Cronin and Eloise Peabody-Rolf.

Scheme could reduce accident death toll

VIDEO: Better training for teenagers learning to drive could save almost 310 lives a year and stop around 4,500 serious injuries on the roads. That is according to new research published by the country's leading group campaigning for improvements to the way young people are taught to drive.

The Under-17 Car Club, based in the South, says better training is the only way to cut death and injury. Under 25s are responsible for around a third of all road fatalities. Today the club announced it is becoming a charitable trust and will campaign for major improvements to driving tuition.

Launching the Trust, Chair Paul Silverwood said, “At present, the way most young people learn to drive does not provide them with the skills they need to survive the most dangerous year of their lives. More than a quarter of 17-19 year old males crash within a year of passing their driving test."