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Road to ruin? The soaring cost of mending potholes

The shocking state of the south east's roads, and the soaring cost of fixing them, has been revealed in a major new survey.

The detailed assessment, by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, says the cost of mending all the roads in our region would be £2.6 billion.

In Kent and East Sussex alone, the repair bill is nearly £300 million.

Potholes are the biggest problem, and there are warnings that public spending cuts mean the situation can only worsen.

Controversial road due to open despite fierce protests

The South East's most controversial road - the Hastings Bexhill Link Road - opens on Thursday.

The announcement came after three years of construction in the face of fierce protest and spiralling costs.

The Government says the £120m road will boost the coastal economy. Opponents say it's 'environmental vandalism'.

This report from Malcolm Shaw, who gave the new road a 'test drive'.


Region's most controversial road will open on Thursday

Credit: ITV

The South East's most controversial road - the Hastings Bexhill Link Road - opens tomorrow. The announcement came after three years of construction in the face of fierce protests and spiralling costs. The Government says the £121m road will boost the coastal economy, but opponents say it's 'environmental vandalism'. Protesters had tried to save historic woodlands in the Combe Haven Valley.

Will friendly road signs make drivers pay more attention?

The friendly face of the new road signs Credit: Highways England

Psychologists have come up with an idea to improve the experience for drivers in roadworks. New road signs are intended to attract attention and 'bring the information to life'.

Signs have been installed on A21 Ton­bridge to Pem­bury, a 2.5 mile stretch being upgraded to a dual car­riage­way.

In Cheshire, safety signs made by children of construction workers are thought to have led to lower speeds.

  1. Tom Savvides

Drivers complain after M25 improvement works

It was billed as a radical scheme that would transform a frequently gridlocked section of the M25 in Kent and Surrey. But less than a year after its construction the so-called 'smart' motorway is cracking up. Motoring experts say parts of the motorway between junctions 5 and 7 are a hazard to car drivers and truckers. That's after £129m was spent on improvement works. Tom Savvides reports.


Car filmed going wrong way down dual carriageway

This is the terrifying moment a driver was forced to swerve out of the way of car travelling in the wrong direction on a dual carriageway.

The 73-year-old from Burgess Hill was spotted driving the wrong way along A23 towards Brighton.

It's believed he had been driving the wrong way for several miles.

Vehicles heading north were forced to swerve their cars to avoid him.

Sussex Police said the driver stopped his car after seeing the marked police vehicle travelling towards him slowly at the head of the traffic.

Sergeant Mark Baker said: "We are very grateful to all of the drivers and members of the public who stopped and called us to warn us about the man's driving and for their attentive driving that enabled them to avoid a collision.

"We were able to react quickly and thankfully no one was injured. The man was medically assessed and we will be making the DVLA aware of the incident."

One of the busiest days on Southampton's roads

Today's been one of the busiest days of the year on Southampton's roads. Three cruise ships carrying a total of eight thousand passengers have arrived at the city's port today. More than a thousand people are also in the city to see the Moscow State Circus at the Mayflower.

The council says the 'Platform for Prosperity' scheme is being carried out to improve access to the Eastern Docks and will significantly reduce congestion in the years to come on days like today.

Once completed the new road layout around Platform Road and Town Quay will significantly reduce journey times and will also support the continued growth of Southampton's cruise and port business, creating new job opportunities for around 500 people.

Resurfacing begins for M25 in Kent

The Highways Agency will start resurfacing roads in Kent on Wednesday to provide smoother and safer journeys for motorists.

The overnight resurfacing is taking place between junction 4 in Orpington and junction 5 in Sevenoaks.

Sections of the carriageway will be resurfaced and the white lines and road studs renewed.

Weather permitting, the work will be completed by Friday 2th May.

The new surface and cats eyes will provide smoother and safer journeys for the many drivers that rely on this busy route. We have planned to carry out the work overnight, when we know traffic flows are lowest, to minimise disruption.”

– Tommy Whittingham, Highways Agency Asset Manager

The work will be carried out overnight between 10pm and 5.30am, Monday to Thursday, and between 11pm and 6am on Friday nights.

Road markings on the M3 are the worst in the country

The M3 has the worst road lines in the country according to a new survey.

The worst of them are said to be between Bagshot and Camberley in Surrey, which is Junction 3 and 4.

The nearby A322 between Bracknell and Bagshot are supposedly the second worse, with 84% of the road in need of work.

The Road Safety Marking Association who did the survey rates around half our roads as poor when it comes to drivers seeing white lines and other markings on the road.

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