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Major resurfacing project being considered

West Sussex County Council is giving “serious consideration” to a multi-million pound investment for resurfacing the county's unclassified roads. Over the last three years high levels of rainfall, flooding, freezing temperatures and snow, caused significant deterioration to the area's road network.

In 2009/10 only 12% of unclassified roads across West Sussex were considered in need of repair- in 2012/13 that figure had increased to 22%.Unclassified roads make up 55% of the entire road network in the county.

We've spent all summer investigating long term plans for managing the highways network, in response to the many residents who expressed concern about the deterioration of some of our roads. By putting in place a long term plan that makes our roads more resilient, we can prevent damage, provide greater value for the taxpayer and make managing problems caused by extreme weather easier. We can't give an exact figure at this stage, but our findings suggest if we invest heavily now in upgrading road surfaces, it will be cheaper in the long run to maintain them and stop them deteriorating.”

– Pieter Montyn, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport



Could this robot cut traffic jams?

Click video. They're the bane of many people's lives, causing jams and misery for thousands of drivers everyday. But could a robot put an end to roadworks?

A new burrowing robot has been built to repair gas mains, which crucially means there's no need to dig up our roads. It's being tested in Britain to see if it can be rolled out across the country, as David Wood reports.

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