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Britain's future flagship settles in Portsmouth Harbour

Support for Navy's newest carrier shared on social media

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives: Tweets from on board


Construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth began in 2010

The construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth began in 2010 with key parts of her being built in Portsmouth. It was a mammoth undertaking involving hundreds of people. Richard Jones has followed the building of the ship since it started and was there for many of the key moments.

HMS Shoreham arrives in Sussex

HMS Shoreham will leave on Sunday Credit: Adur Council

HMS Shoreham has arrived in her namesake harbour for a busy four-day visit with the captain pledging to "strengthen close bonds" between ship and town.

The Royal Navy minehunter moored at Power Station Wharf and the commanding officer and ship’s company were soon meeting the local community.

One of the first ports of call on dry land was a reception hosted by Adur District Council Vice-Chairman Joss Loader at the Shoreham Centre.

Other events on the schedule include conducting pre-arranged tours of the ship, hosting an on-board lunch and evening reception for local guests and attending an evening organised by the Shoreham Royal British Legion.

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