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Families cheer their loved ones as HMS Kent and Dauntless sail into port

HMS Kent (Foreground) and HMS Dauntless Sail home Credit: Kate Taylor
Twins Aaron and Luke Walker wait for their dad Leading Chef Benjamin Walker on board HMS Kent Credit: Kate Taylor
Families wait on the Quayside for HMS Kent to return home Credit: Kate Taylor
Cheering families welcome home HMS Dauntless Credit: Kate Taylor
Band of the Royal Marines welcome home HMS Dauntless and HMS Kent Credit: Kate Taylor
HMS Dauntless returns to Portsmouth Credit: Kate Taylor
Evie and Lacey Moore fly the flag for dad Petty Officer Joseph Moore aboard HMS Kent Credit: Kate Taylor


New exhibition opens to mark 100th anniversary of First World War

It's one of the lesser known campaigns of the first world war, but conditions for soldiers at Gallipoli were probably worse than they were in the trenches of the Western Front.

To mark the 100th anniversary, a new exhibition has opened at the National Museum of the Royal Navy to dispel some of the myths about a struggle that went on for more than a year.

At the same time the restoration of the only Royal Navy ship to have been at Gallipoli is nearing completion. Richard Jones reports.

New uniform for the Royal Navy

World War II submariner Hedley Woodley pictured the last time the Navy uniform was changed Credit: Royal Navy

The crew of Portsmouth-based HMS Lancaster are about to make some naval history. They will be leaving Hampshire at the weekend - wearing the Royal Navy's first new uniform in more than seventy years. The design is described as 'more modern and practical'.

The Royal Navy's flame resistant new uniform Credit: Royal Navy


HMS Richmond to set sail

HMS Richmond in Portsmouth Credit: Ben Mitchell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Type 23 Frigate is to set sail today, Saturday, for the Middle East where she will take part in security operations. The ship will replace her sister vessel HMS Kent in the region.

The nine month deployment will form part of the Royal Navy's long term presence East of Suez. Her main task will be to provide reassurance to the UK's allies in the region as well as taking part in counter piracy operations and general maritime security. It is a routine deployment for the Navy.

The ship's crew's families are expected to wave the ship off from her Portsmouth base.

Chinese sailors tour Navy's newest warship

Chinese sailors visiting Portsmouth have been treated to a tour of the Royal Navy’s newest warship.

Fifty crew members from Chang Bai Shan were shown around HMS Duncan Credit: Royal Navy

Fifty crew members from the assault ship Chang Bai Shan were shown around the hi-tech Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan in Portsmouth Naval Base.

The Chang Bai Shan is one of three Chinese Naval ships in the city for a five-day visit aimed at enhancing military understanding between the UK and China.

Fifty crew members from Chang Bai Shan were shown around HMS Duncan Credit: Royal Navy

On board Duncan the visitors were shown inside the hangar, bridge and weapon decks and were told about the basic roles and capabilities of the 7,350-tonne air defence vessel.

Fifty crew members from Chang Bai Shan were shown around HMS Duncan Credit: Royal Navy

“We were delighted to welcome our guests on board. Engagement and dialogue between our two militaries is useful given that we share similar global challenges including counter-piracy, preventing conflict, protecting our citizens overseas and supporting UN peacekeeping efforts.”

– Her Commanding Officer, Commander Rich Atkinson

HMS Dauntless leaves Portsmouth for Gulf deployment

HMS Dauntless has left Portsmouth waters for a five-month routine deployment to the Gulf this morning.

The Type 45 destroyer will be part of a continuous presence in the region deterring piracy and keeping the sea lanes safe for merchant vessels.

During her time away Dauntless will make several stops in the Mediterranean for training as well as visiting ports in a number of Gulf States to strengthen ties in the region.

• HMS Dauntless was the second of the Type 45 destroyers to join the Fleet in November 2010 Credit: Navy

HMS Dauntless plans to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign on her way home.

She will transit the Dardanelles to take part in organised events to commemorate the 100-year anniversary.

This will be a high profile deployment for Dauntless during which we will provide reassurance to the UK’s allies in the region, while conducting maritime security and counter-piracy patrols. HMS Dauntless has been through intense training to be in a position to undertake this deployment and I am immensely proud of my ship’s company.”

– Adrian Fryer, HMS Dauntless Commanding Officer

Dorset sailor sends Christmas message home

Naval Officer Lewis Jones will be in South Atlantic this Christmas Credit: Navy

Christmas for Royal Navy Officer Lewis Jones will be a different affair this year as he spends it away from family and friends on operations in the blustery long summer days of the South Atlantic.

Sub Lieutenant Jones, aged 20, from Wimborne in Dorset, is serving on board Royal Navy Ice Patrol Ship, HMS Protector, in the South Atlantic this Christmas.

Lewis says this is his favourite deployment as its his first, although he will miss his family and girlfriend back in Dorset.

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