An RSPCA behavioural trainer cuddles two rescued dogs

RSPCA reports cruelty rise

The RSPCA has released a report showing a rise in the number of convictions for animal cruelty over the last two years.


Cockfighting duo prosecuted

A father and son given suspended jail sentences & banned from keeping birds for life, after discovery of 500 cockerels bred for fighting.

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Animal rescue crisis in south-east

by David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

For a nation of animal lovers we're doing a pretty bad job. Animal centres across Kent are reporting ever greater numbers of cats, dogs and other pets being dumped, abandoned or mistreated.

The RSPCA says its centres at Canterbury and Leybourne are now at crisis point - so full, they simply can't deal with any more animals. David Johns reports, speaking to Christine Dooley and Adele Collier from the RSPCA in Kent.

To help re-home a cat or any of the other animals, please call the RSPCA on 0300 123 0751 or visit

Five week old cat found abandoned in a taped box

Animal centres in Kent say they have run out of space to care for abandoned, sick or injured cats. This cat was found abandoned in a taped box when it was just five weeks old.

Becky Blackmore, from the RSPCA said, "our local RSPCA branches never put a cat to sleep if it can be rehomed. However, resources are now so stretched that we need the public to support us to ensure we can continue to provide this service for unwanted, abandoned sick and injured cats in Kent."


Kent over-run with unwanted cats

Cats such as this one are being left on the street by their owners Credit: PA Wire

The RSPCA in Kent is becoming over-run with abandoned cats.

A rapidly moving rental market means cats are being left behind as the owners move on to another property.

The animal shelter in Kent is full to capacity with more than 350 unwanted cats waiting for homes.


Cheeky the dog moves around on wheels

Cheeky rolls along in her new harness Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley was horrified when he received a complaint and found 14-year-old Cheeky living with her former owner in Brighton.

But vets at Arthur Lodge in Horsham came to the rescue, with the help of local students, and created a harness on wheels for Cheeky. Now she can get around without putting any weight on her front legs.

Was hedgehog kicked to death?

A hedgehog found dead in Kent may have been kicked to death.

The hedgehog was a lactating female who had a broken spine, bruising and shattered back legs.

She was put to sleep to end her suffering by a vet who said that the injuries may have been caused deliberately by kicking.

The incident happened in in Estuary Road in Sheerness on July 21.

A call to the RSPCA said the hedgehog had been handed over by someone who claimed to have seen it being kicked around like a football.

RSPCA Inspector Ray Bailey said: “This hedgehog was in a terrible state. It is horrendous to think that these injuries may have been caused deliberately so we would like to hear from anyone with any information on what happened in Estuary Road.”

Heatwave kills dogs in hot cars

The RSPCA has hit out at owners across our region who left their dogs in hot cars over the weekend.

The animal welfare charity was inundated with hundreds of complaints from people who spotted animals suffering as the temperature rocketed to 90 degrees across the south.

Around 70 calls about animals trapped in hot cars in the South East came into the RSPCA's National Control Centre over the weekend.

More than 280 calls were made across the rest of England and Wales and the heatwave claimed a number of lives throughout the country.

A dog died after being left in a car in Bradford while the owners had Sunday lunch at a pub on July 7 and another dog was pulled dead out of a hot car outside their owner's home in Manchester.

The death of those dogs was an avoidable tragedy. Leaving a dog in a hot car has the same kind of effect as putting it in a microwave. They are literally cooked alive, in what is a horrendous death.

People just aren't listening. Leaving a window open simply isn't enough, and in-car temperatures rise quickly, even if it's cloudy.

What people need to realise is that the next animal to die in a hot car, conservatory of outbuilding could be their pet - that's how serious it is."

– Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Chief Inspector

Pictures: animals rescued from centre

Six people were found guilty of animal cruelty at a rescue centre in Oxfordshire.

In his summary, District Judge Pattinson said: “Crunchy’s was an animal disaster, a sea of mud and faeces containing shocking and dangerous hazards and in short a rescue centre from which animals needed to be rescued.”

Dog rescued from Cruchy's Credit: RSPCA
The dogs received care after being taken from the centre Credit: RSPCA
Animals were kept in 'filthy' conditions Credit: RSPCA
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