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Sandbags stolen from flood-hit village

It's been the wettest January since records began - and with more heavy rain forecast tomorrow - again our region is on alert for flooding in many parts.

In the village of Finchdean in Hampshire they've been protecting their homes using sandbags but were shocked to find out that 150 seem to have gone missing. Sally Simmonds has been to find out more.

150 sandbags given to villagers in Finchdean stolen

Around 150 sandbags have been stolen from a flood-hit village in Hampshire.

They were among 400 sandbags given out to people in Finchdean aimed at diverting water away from homes and businesses.

The loss of the sandbags could now threaten properties with flooding.

The sandbags were seen being loaded onto a trailer and pulled away by a 4x4.

In total, around 2000 sandbags have been given to people in the area to help with flooding.