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Scammers targeting the elderly and vulnerable

Vulnerable and elderly people across the South are being conned out of thousands of pounds - because of scam mail.

It's estimated that they're are losing between eleven and fourteen billion pounds a year across the country. Hampshire County Council gets 65 calls for help every month from people who've been the victims of fraudsters. ITV Meridian spoke to Pauline McWilliams from Hampshire Trading Standards.

Phone scams conning people out of money continue

Dorset Police are reminding residents to remain vigilant as scam telephone calls continue across the county.

Telephone calls have been received from a person pretending to be a detective from the Metropolitan Police.

They then tell the caller that a person known to them is in custody, who has their bank details or has taken money from their accounts.

Luckily, recent victims of the calls have notified police but other people have been conned out of thousands of pounds.

Dorset Police are asking people to let them know if they do get any suspicious phone calls.


Pensioners swindled 'in every street' by mail fraud

In every street in the South East someone could be being conned out of thousands of pounds - because of scam mail.

Sussex Police have become the first force in the country to try to find out exactly how bad the problem is.

They say elderly and vulnerable people are sometimes parting with their life savings to criminals sending them letters - posing as charities, competition organisers and suppliers. The cheques they send are funding criminal gangs abroad.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to victim's son Chris Becket, Insp Nick Bowman and PC Bernadette Lawrie from Sussex Police.

This story also features a police interview with the late Tom Beckett.

Woman conned out of £175,000 in world-wide scam

She parted with £175,000 pounds of life savings with the promise of a safe investment. But tonight a pensioner from Winchester says she's ashamed to show her face after becoming one of hundreds of victims of an international phone scam.

The con artists tricked people into buying £15 million worth of fake shares - providing themselves with a luxury lifestyle of fast cars, designer watches and multi-million pound properties.

More than 100 suspected fraudsters are now being held by police who believe at least 850 victims were targeted. But as Sarah Cooper reports, police think that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Alleged dating website scam sees 6 people charged

Hampshire Constabulary have charged five men and one woman in connection with an alleged dating website scam.

They include:

  • Emmanuel Oko, aged 29
  • Brooke Boston, aged 28
  • Monty Emu, aged 28
  • Eberechi Ekpo, aged 26
  • Chukwuka Ugwu, aged 28
  • Adewunmi Nusi, aged 26

All are from Southsea, expect from Adewunmi Nusi who is from Hermitage in Berkshire.

They have all been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and are due before magistrate at Basingstoke Magistrates Court today.

Detective Constable Darrin Carey said, "These charges come following a lengthy investigation into an alleged scam where women were asked to hand over significant amounts of cash after meeting men on the website.

"Alleged victims in this case are from the Basingstoke area, across Hampshire."


Fake police scam loses victims thousands

Police are investigating reports of a fake police telephone scam, aimed at the elderly, after victims lose thousands in cash or valuables.

All those involved received a telephone call from a man claiming to be from Hammersmith Police.

One 83-year-old woman was then told that there had been fraudulent activity on her bank account and someone had been arrested.

She was told that her bank was under police surveillance and she should withdraw money. A courier would then pick it.

She did this, only to be called back and told it was a scam.

Other victims, who have lost valuable items instead of cash, have received similar phone calls.

Anyone who receives a call like this should contact PS Harry Wilson at Eastleigh police station on 101.

Fake police scam aimed at the elderly in Eastleigh

Police are warning people in Eastleigh to be on their guard as a fake police scam, aimed at the elderly, has been reported to them.

Victims have all received a phone call from a man claiming to be from Hammersmith Police.

The man sounds very plausible but police are warning to not give out bank details or to pass any valuable items to couriers following calls like this.

They have given this advice on any telephone scams:

  • Never accept offers over the phone "if they sound too good to be true, they usually are."
  • Never give personal details over the phone
  • Report any suspicious phone calls to your phone company
  • Consider registering your phone number with Telephone Preference Service (TPS Online) or 0845 070 0707
  • Most telephone providers will block anonymous callers
  • Never give your credit or bank card PIN over the phone. This information is never requested legitimately by your bank or the police
  • If you think something is wrong, hang up the phone

Pensioner lost more than £200,000 through scam letters

A pensioner has told ITV Meridian how she spent more than two hundred thousands pounds on postal scams - one of the worst cases Trading Standards has ever seen.

Seventy-six year-old Sylvia Kneller, from Farnham in Surrey was bombarded by letters promising prizes. She responded because they were written directly to her - and she thought they were genuine. But the only intention was to rip her off. Andrew Pate reports.

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