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Age UK's advice for rising energy bills

ITV News Meridian spoke to Mervyn Kohler from Age UK to get his advice for keeping warm as the colder weather approaches.

Age UK also recommend following these websites for help if you are struggling to stay warm with the rising energy bills:

The Energy Saving Advice Lane - [



Age UK advice -

The Home Heat headline- http://www.homeheathelpline.](


First of the 'big six' to increase energy bills

Scottish and Southern to increase energy prices Credit: ITV Meridian

Scottish and Southern Energy is the first of the 'big six' energy providers to announce it's going to charge customers more for gas and electric.

SSE says it's average bills will rise 8.2%. But, there are regional variations - the south and south east has been hit with a 9.7% increase.

Average bills will rise by £106 pounds a year to £1,380.

The company say much of the bills are made up of costs outside their control.