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Rhinos fetch more than £100,000 at auction

Rhinos assembled before charity auction in Southampton

Thirty-six brightly coloured rhinos have been sold at auction for a grand total of £124,700. The sculptures, which have been on display around Southampton and at Marwell Zoo, raised between two and four thousand pounds each.

The money will go to three charities - Marwell Wildlife, The Rose Road Association & Wessex Heartbeat’s High 5 Appeal.


Roman eagle gives us clues about life long ago

Video. Now it's regarded as the finest ever Roman sculpture found here in recent years. A giant eagle made 2000 years ago. The stone that was used came from the Cotswolds, and it is thought that it travelled along the River Thames, through our region, to London.

The discovery gives important clues about life long ago, as Martin Stew reports.

It's a cover-up in Cranbrook as modesty prevails

The quirky sculpture on display, but with an extra prop for those of a sensitive nature

An art gallery owner in Cranbrook has had to cover up one of her centrepiece sculptures in case she offends the public. Marie Prett put this giant metal ape on display in the window of the Singing Soul Gallery.

But a member of the public contacted the police, saying that some of the detail of the artwork was unsuitable for public viewing. Officers visited to check the offending piece, but decided it WAS fit for public consumption.

The owner, has nonetheless, placed another sculpture in front of the ape, just in case.