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Complaints about seagull numbers in Brighton

There have been complaints about seagulls throughout the region Credit: ITV

A seagull cull in Brighton and Hove may not be an option for controlling the large numbers in the city. That's according to the council which receives numerous reports about the birds. Seagulls are frequently criticised for swooping down to take food, and have gained a reputation for aggravating people. The local authority is trying to stop them nesting.

Herne Bay seagull attack

A woman from Kent has been forced to wear a colander on her head every time she ventures into her garden because of seagull attacks.

Seagulls have been divebombing the woman when she goes out to the garden, one attack even drew blood.

The council is now considering producing a report on how to prevent the bird attacks as several residents have had similar problems.

Seagulls' stadium wins award

Brighton's Amex Stadium Credit: Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion's new Amex stadium has won an international award for best new venue.

The Seagulls' home beat stadiums such as the new Juventus ground and venues for the 2012 Olympics to pick up the award in Turin, Italy, last night.

The club moved into the £93m stadium in Falmer last July. It followed years of controversy with campaign groups arguing it would spoil views of the South Downs.

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Super strong bin bags keep seagulls at bay

Extra strength bags stop gulls and foxes causing mayhem Credit: Hastings Borough Council

Special seagull-proof bin bags have been introduced in Hastings.

The extra strong bags can withstand attacks from gulls and foxes which have been ripping apart plastic ones.

The new bags will be trialled in the Bohemia, Castle and Tressell areas of the town.