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  1. Derek Johnson

New home showcases Guinea Pig Club history

Memorabilia from the world-famous Guinea Pig Club has found a new home.

The club is made up of patients who underwent experimental plastic surgery in Sussex after they were injured in the Second World War.

Remaining members are now in their 90s. Of the hundreds operated on, 27 are still with us.

Their archives and momentos now form part of a new exhibition at East Grinstead Museum.

Derek Johnson speaks to club members Sandy Saunders and Des O'Connell and to club secretary Bob Marchant.

Fore more information on 'Rebuilding Bodies & Souls' visit the museum website:

Divers uncover amazing story of secret WWII harbours

The Mulberry Harbour units can be seen fully at low tide Credit: Martin Davies

A group of divers from Portsmouth have been recognised for their work mapping the remains of one of the biggest construction projects ever undertaken in Britain.

Two Mulberry Harbours were built along the coast during the second world war and were towed across the Channel to play a vital role in D-Day. Richard Jones reports.

The interviewees are Alison Mayor and Jim Fuller from the Southsea Sub-Aqua Club; and Jane Maddocks from the British Sub-Aqua Club. Underwater footage from Martin Davies.


101-year-old honoured for work with WW2 secret code

Diana Fawkes is being awarded for helping to break secret codes during WW2 Credit: ITV Meridian

A 101-year-old woman from Winchester has been honoured for the work she did helping to break top secret German codes during world war two.

Diana Fawkes was one of the first people to move to Bletchley Park when it opened in 1938.

Now her role has been recognised with a special award from the Government.

Cyril, 97, tells how he survived Hiroshima atomic bomb

It's 70 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima - and one man from our region has been describing how he survived the blast - JUST.

Cyril Bartlett, 97, from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, had been a prisoner of war since the fall of Singapore in 1942. He told Richard Slee his remarkable story.

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