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Fred and Sangeeta want your 'Election selfies'

As you know, there's a real trend for 'selfies' at the moment.

We've had the group selfie (remember that one at the Oscars?) and then there was the no make-up selfie!

But as we head towards the General Election on 7 May, we thought: wouldn't it be great if you could tell us and the politicians about issues that are important to you? Please send us your "Election selfie' to

Defendant fined for taking selfie in court dock

A defendant who took a selfie as he sat in a court dock has been fined

Joel Norris, 18, of Wareham, used his mobile phone to take a photo of himself and four co-defendants.

He then uploaded the image on to Twitter with the caption: "Lads in the court box lol."It is illegal photographs in court or the precincts of a court.

The teenager admitted the charges at Bournemouth Magistrates Court. He was fined £145 for each offence and ordered to pay £85 costs and pay a victim surcharge of £29


Woman's 'selfie' after attack raises money for charity

Video. It's a craze that has helped raise millions of pounds for Cancer Research UK, the 'no make-up selfie' where women post bare faced pictures of themselves online and make a donation.

Now Jeanne Marie Ryan, who says she was attacked in a nightclub, has published a shocking photo of her battered face to raise money for victims of sexual abuse and violence.

Kerry Swain went to meet her and also spoke to Natalie Brook from the Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre.