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Woman flown to Oxfordshire for treatment after shark attack

It's understood that Frankie was bitten on the leg Credit: Facebook

Reports are coming in that a woman has been flown to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire after being attacked by a shark in the South Atlantic. The woman, who works for the government of St Helena, was attacked while swimming off Ascension Island.

It's reported that her husband punched the shark to scare it. The woman, named locally as Frankie Gonsalves, had been snorkelling in English Bay. She was taken to hospital before being flown to the UK for further treatment.

Saint Helena and Ascension are remote islands between South America and Africa.

RMS St Helena, which serves the island, is currently being repaired in South Africa. The recently opened airport is not currently being used for scheduled air services.

Recently ITV Meridian carried a series of reports from St Helena. A substantial number of ex "Saints' live in the South and South East of England.



"We'll need a bigger boat"

The biggest shark ever caught in British waters has been reeled in off the South coast.

Fishing fanatic Wayne Comben battled for two hours to pull in the thresher shark which measured 14ft and was almost as big as his 17ft boat!

Wayne, from Havant, in Hampshire, and friend Graeme Pullen, repeatedly tried to pull the shark on board - but couldn't.