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Sheep driven through Canterbury

Now it may seem a wooly idea but today a flock of sheep was driven through the centre of Canterbury.

Shepherding the way was the chairwoman of Visit Kent, who was using her freedom of the city stage the event - and to money for chairty in the meantime.

Derek Johnson reports.


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

"World's Oldest Sheep" lives in Sussex

At the age of 23, Dolly is taking it easy; living the life of riley, mostly sleeping or eating, or just pottering about. Dolly, you see, is a sheep - and, it's thought, the oldest sheep in the world.

Normally sheep live to about 10 or 12 so at double that, Dolly's doing remarkably well. A bit doddery on her feet but in good voice and with a ferocious appetite, she's looked after on a farm in East Sussex. We send our own doddery reporter, David Johns, to meet her and her keeper, Sharon Moore.

To make a donation to Moore Racehorse Trust, where Dolly and the other animals are being kept, please visit their page on Facebook (click this link to visit).

Nine sheep killed as dogs rampage through field

Police are appealing for information after a flock of sheep were killed and injured on a farm in Sussex. It's thought the ewes - mostly expecting lambs - were attacked by dogs. Nine died and many more were seriously hurt.

Sheep worrying is a constant menace for farmers across our region. Now dog owners are being warned to keep their pets under control, or face prosecution. Malcolm Shaw reports.


Sheep helping with project on South Downs

Now, here is a fascinating fact - the South Downs are home to one of the most precious habitats on earth. Chalk grassland supports many threatened species, and it's rarer than rainforest.

Now, conservationists are trying to create more chalk grassland, and they've drafted in flocks of sheep to help improve the habitat for wildlife. Malcolm Shaw reports.

Appeal to find stolen sheep

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward following the theft of sheep from a field near Wareham.

160 sheep were stolen between 8am on Saturday 2nd November and 2.30pm on Monday 4th November at a field next to the A352 between Wool and East Stoke.

No arrests have been made.

The thieves would have needed a good understanding of livestock and used a large vehicle, possibly a six or eight wheeler type lorry, to move the sheep.

I am appealing to witnesses and anyone who may have seen any unusual activity in the area around this time.

All the sheep had colour markings and were electronically tagged. If anyone has been offered sheep in unusual circumstances or for very low prices please contact the police on 101.”

– Police Constable Adam Taylor, of Wareham Police

Animal campaigners protest ahead of court case.

Campaigners outside Ashford Cattle Market Credit: john ryall

Live export protestors outside Ashford Cattle Market today. Demonstrators are also gathering at Canterbury Crown Court where the trial is due to start of exporters accused of transporting sheep not fit to travel. The charge relates to the deaths of 45 sheep at the Port of Ramsgate last September.

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