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  1. Juliette Fletcher

'In Alan's memory' - firefighter's widow and sister abseil for charity

Abseiling down one of the South's tallest landmarks is no mean feat. But the widow and sister of firefighter Alan Bannon, who died in the Shirley Towers fire in Southampton, did it for a good cause. Using ropes and harnesses the women made their way down the 170 metre Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

They were raising money for the charity that helped them through a difficult time - The Fire Fighters Charity. The interviewees in Juliette Fletcher's report are Charlotte Bannon, Alan Bannon's widow; and Lin Trott, Alan Bannon's sister.

Women prepare to abseil for firefighters' charity

Firefighter Alan Bannon's widow Charlotte and sister Lin prepare to abseil Credit: Juliette Fletcher

Charlotte Bannon and Lin Trott have been preparing to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. The women are raising money for The Fire Fighters Charity, in memory of Alan Bannon - Charlotte's husband, and Lin's brother. He died in the Shirley Towers fire in Southampton in 2010.

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth is 170 metres high Credit: Juliette Fletcher


Charity abseil for firefighters after fatal Shirley Towers blaze

Firefighters Alan Bannon (l) and Jim Shears (r) died in the Shirley Towers fire in 2010

The widow and sister of one of the firefighters who died in a fire at the Shirley Towers block of flats in Southampton are abseiling down the side of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth for charity.

Alan Bannon and his colleague Jim Shears died while tackling the blaze in 2010. Alan Bannon's widow, Charlotte - and his sister, Lin Trott, are taking on the challenge for The Fire Fighters Charity.

  1. Martin Dowse

Shirley Towers fatal fire report calls for sprinklers in all residential high rises

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is calling for all residential tower blocks in the country to be fitted with sprinkler systems - after the death of two of the service's firemen.

Alan Bannon and James Shears died in the blaze at Shirley Towers in April 2010. Following their own investigation into the incident the fire service also says measures to make tower blocks safer are not being implemented quickly enough.

The interviewees in Martin Dowse's report are: John Bonney, the Chief Officer of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service; Lin Trott, Alan Bannon's sister; Nick Cross, the Head of Housing for Southampton City Council; and Dave Curry the Director of the Chief Fire Officers' Association.

Firefighters release 'painful' Shirley Towers report

The fire at Shirley Towers, Southampton, in 2010 killed two firefighters. Credit: ITV Meridian

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has published its final report into the deaths of two firefighters in Southampton in 2010.

St Mary's firefighters James Shears and Alan Bannon lost their lives while tackling a blaze at Shirley Towers in April of that year.

An inquest into their deaths last year returned a verdict of death by misadventure.

The publication of the final report, which details the events of the incident and shares the service's recommendations and findings, marks the end of Hampshire's official investigation process.

Chief Officer John Bonney said: "The release of our final investigation report into Shirley Towers represents a significant landmark for us.

"The investigation work that has taken place in the last three years since the incident has required us to be open and honest with ourselves and this has at times been painful and challenging.

"But it was vital to ensure that we were able to learn from the event so that the safety of the public, as well as firefighters, could be improved."


In memory of Alan Bannon

To them he was a hero. A husband, a brother - a firefighter who lost his life trying to help others. Alan Bannon died in the Shirley Towers blaze in Southampton almost three years ago. Now his wife and sister are ready to take on a huge challenge - to raise money in his memory.

To donate: Text: Bert71 and amount you want to sponsor, through to 70070.

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