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26 months after the Shoreham air disaster are the victims' families any nearer justice?

It's now 804 days since a Hawker Hunter jet smashed into a crowd of spectators - killing eleven men at the Shoreham Airshow.

In the 26 months that have followed there have been no charges brought against the pilot Andy Hill, no answers from an inquest - and the grieving families have now been told their legal aid has been rejected.

Shoreham's MP told the Commons this week he feels the relatives of the victims are being neglected. So are we any nearer clarity - or justice?

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to the families' QC Gerard Forlin, Caroline and Bob Schilt, who's son Jacob died in the crash, and MP Tim Loughton.


Memorial unveiled to the Shoreham air crash victims

It's almost two years since eleven men died when a vintage jet crashed during the Shoreham Airshow.

Today, artists working on a permanent memorial to the victims unveiled models of their designs for the first time.

David Parfitt and Jane Fordham have created five pieces which will be installed along the banks of the River Adur, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

  1. Tom Savvides

Football stand unveiled in memory of players killed in Shoreham air crash

Family and friends of two footballers who died in the Shoreham air crash have welcomed the unveiling of a lasting memorial in the grounds of a club. A stand has been built at Worthing United.

This report by Tom Savvides includes interviews with Paul Grimstone, Mark Sanderson, vice-chairman of Worthing United FC, and Bob Schilt.

Police investigation into Shoreham air crash almost complete

The inquest into the Shoreham air disaster won't be held until September next year - more than three years after the crash that claimed the lives of eleven men.

Sussex Police announced today that their investigation into how the vintage Hawker Hunter jet came to crash onto the busy A27 is now 95% complete.

Meanwhile, families of the victims have called for a "full, frank and fearless investigation" into the deaths of their loved ones.

Malcolm Shaw reports from today's pre-inquest hearing in Crawley.

Shoreham air disaster: pre-inquest review to be held

A pre-inquest review is to be held today into the deaths of 11 men following the Shoreham Airshow crash.

They were killed when a vintage jet crashed onto the A27 in West Sussex in August 2015.

No evidence will be heard but a date for the full inquest should be set.

The 53 year old pilot of the Hawker Hunter jet, Andrew Hill, is being investigated for possible manslaughter by gross negligence.

He has been questioned voluntarily under caution by police.

The pre-inquest review had to be rescheduled from March due to the ongoing police investigation and to allow a final report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) to be considered.

The final AAIB report, published in March, found that Mr Hill, from Sandon, Hertfordshire, was flying too slow and too low during the loop manoeuvre.

The pre-inquest review will be held at Centenary House, Woodfield Road, Crawley, at 10.30am.


FULL STORY: Families respond to Shoreham crash report

Many families have found it impossible to talk about their heartbreak after the Shoreham airshow crash. Many are angry at the unanswered questions and the lack of accountability.

The parents of Matt Grimstone, one of the young footballers who died, say: "Apart from anything that the pilot may have got wrong, it's very evident the CAA and the Shoreham Airshow organisers have got much to answer for."

Meanwhile, the parents of 23-year-old footballer Jacob Schilt, who was in the same car as Matt Grimstone, say they're shocked by the failings of all involved.

Andy Dickenson speaks to Bob and Caroline Schilt.

Final Shoreham air crash findings to be published

The final safety report into the Shoreham air crash which killed eleven men on 22nd August 2015 is to be published next week.

A Hawker Hunter jet crashed on to the A27 in West Sussex during the Shoreham Airshow.

The jet failed to pull out of a loop-the-loop stunt.

The long-awaited findings, to be published on 3rd March, by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch are likely to have an impact on future air shows.

Credit: PA

Tougher safety regulations are already in place following the disaster.

The pilot Andrew Hill survived the impact whilst flying the 1955 plane.

The Shoreham Airshow will not be taking place this summer for the second year running.

Shoreham Airshow crash- safety measures

11 people were killed when a vintage Hawker Hunter jet crashed during the Shoreham Airshow in 2015 Credit: ITV Meridian

It's been revealed nearly half the safety measures called for by aviation experts after the Shoreham airshow disaster have NOT been acted on.

Now, there are calls for the Department for Transport to investigate why the Civil Aviation Authority hasn't adopted some of the safety recommendations from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

A statement from the UK Civil Aviation Authority said: “The AAIB has published its annual status update, which does not contain anything new but repeats recommendations that have previously been announced and which the CAA continues to review. The AAIB has not yet concluded its investigation into the Shoreham air show accident in 2015. It is very common that, during the course of such a major investigation, the status of recommendations will change by the time the final report is published and we fully expect that to be the case. It would be wrong for us to comment in any more detail on an ongoing investigation, however all of the existing recommendations and those to come will be considered in the round once the AAIB has concluded its investigation. We continue to work with the AAIB on a range of matters and this progress will be reflected in their next update.”

The CAA say they took immediate action after the Shoreham Air Show including a number of restrictions to air displays including grounding civil Hawker Hunter aircraft and limiting the display manoeuvres of similar ex-military jet aircraft flying over land to fly-pasts only. They say they are " committed to doing everything we can to make air shows even safer. We continue to review the impact of these new safety measures and identify other areas to help enhance air show safety."

We spoke to Tim Loughton - MP for East Worthing and Shoreham.

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