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Skeletons dating back to Iron age found in Wiltshire

Workers laying water mains in Wiltshire had the shock their lives when they discovered skeletons in the earth, which are thought to date back to the early Iron age and Saxon periods.

Four skeletons in total were found, with one of them thought to be a female adult with her feet chopped off.

One of the skeletons found in Wiltshire Credit: Wessex Water

Her feet were reburied alongside her as well as the carcasses of at least two sheep or goats.

Two of the other burials were found with sword wounds to their hips and the other is thought to be the remains of a 10-year-old child.

Work was being carried out along the A303, near West Knoyle when the discovery was made.

The bones will now be carefully removed from the ground and will be cleaned before undergoing radiocarbon testing, to determine the date of when they were buried.

Wiltshire based AC Archaeology are working on the skeletons Credit: Wessex Water

Beachy Head Lady 1800 years old

A woman's skeleton - 18 hundred years old and found in Eastbourne - has been 'brought to life' with the help of scientists. Dubbed The Lady of Beachy Head, she lived and died in Roman times.

Now her bones are on display in Sussex. And thanks to 21st century technology we can see how she would have looked. Charlotte Wilkins reports and has been speaking to Jo Seaman, Heritage Officer and Paula Borthwick, who's a volunteer.