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Skin cancer has doubled in the south in the last 20 years

The number of people across the south diagnosed with skin cancer has doubled in the last 20 years.

Loti Jackson from Lindfield in Sussex had surgery to remove a cancerous mole from her face when she was 27-years-old.

She's among 2,000 people in our region diagnosed with the disease every year.

More skin cancer awareness needed

MPs this week met with cancer charities and clinical experts in the House of Commons to discuss a new initiative to help increase the prevention and early detection of skin conditions, including cancer, caused by long-term sun exposure.

Sunbathers on Brighton beach

Approximately 13 million people or 24 per cent of the population in England and Wales are affected by some form of skin disease. Skin cancer is the now most common form of cancer in the UK

Thanet North MP Sir Roger Gale said: “Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, but also one of the most preventable."

Brighton beach

For information on how to check your skin go to:


Extended interview with father of triplets

VIDEO: It seemed everything in his life was rosy. A millionaire who, despite being single, had fulfilled his dream of becoming a father when his triplet sons were born to a surrogate mother.

Ian Mucklejohn's boys, Lars, Piers and Ian, were happy and doing well at primary school when came news that hit him with a hammer blow. He was diagnosed with skin cancer.

In an interview with Penny Silvester at his home near Newbury, Ian explains how he was forced to re-think his future.