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Smokers to be banned on Brighton beach?

Smoking may be banned on Brighton beach Credit: ITV

Smoking could be banned on Brighton beach. The city council is discussing the issue this week.

Residents may be asked for their views. Brighton and Hove City Council will meet on Tuesday to decide whether a public consultation should proceed.

There is already a voluntary smoke-free scheme in the city's children's playgrounds. Now the beach and the city's parks could be designated as smoke-free zones.

The public consultation would run for 12 weeks.

Smoking could be banned on Brighton beach

Smoking on the beach could be banned under proposals Credit: ITV Meridian

Smoking on the beaches and in the parks in Brighton could be banned, if a public consultation goes ahead.

The consultation would start at the end of the months and last for 12 weeks.

It still has to be approved by the health board. A voluntary smoking ban already exists in all 43 of the city's playgrounds.


New campaign, aimed at smokers, launched today

Campaign will highlight the dangers Credit: ITV

Hampshire County Council is encouraging smokers to stop as part of a campaign being launched for the New Year.

The Public Health England Health Harms campaign shows the damage caused by smoking to every part of the body. It aims to dispel the myth that hand-rolled tobacco is less dangerous than manufactured cigarettes.

This follows on from the successful Stoptober campaign, which supported smokers trying to kick the habit.

Quit4Life, the Hampshire NHS Stop Smoking Service, helped 320 people meet the Stoptober challenge and successfully quit smoking in October.

Smokers targeted in hard hitting new year campaign

"If you could see the damage smoking does to you, you would stop".

That's the message to smokers from a new hard hitting campaign being launched in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth City Council, local smoking cessation providers and Public Health England (PHE) are working together to support smokers to quit in the new year with a new campaign.

The 'Health Harms' campaign aims to show smokers the harm smoking does to their body.

Every time a person smokes, blood that is thick and dirty with toxins circulates through the body in seconds, increasing chances of heart attack or stroke.

It follows on from a successful Stoptober, where 1,136 Portsmouth residents signed up to quit smoking.

Stopping smoking is a great way to start the New Year positively. Not only will quitting increase your bank balance but it will also help towards improving the quality of your life and that of the people around you. I know stopping smoking can be tough, but if you want to try we have lots of free, effective support on offer to help you. It's never too late to start stopping, so if you missed Stoptober this year, give a thought towards stopping for 2014. We're here to help should you need a helping hand."

– Barbara Skinner, Public Health at Portsmouth City Council


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