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Police rescue snake from plant pot in Kent

Police in Kent appear to have been called out to rescue a snake trapped in a plant pot.

Sevenoaks Police later updated followers with the news that the grass snake had been freed but the plant pot had been destroyed.

Shed loads of skin

Staff at Drusillas Park lie alongside the snake's skin Credit: Drusillas Park

A python at a Sussex wildlife park has shed over five metres of skin in seven days.

Basil from Drusillas Park is the largest snake at the zoo and was born in 1990.

The reptiles are found in the rainforests of south-east Asia and can grow up to seven metres.

They shed their skin around four to five times a year in order to grow.

The snake has shed skin the length of three zookeepers Credit: Drusillas Park


Snake on the loose in Portsmouth

A boa constrictor is missing in Portsmouth Credit: Phil Noble/Press Association

A boa constrictor has been confirmed missing in Portsmouth.

Hampshire Police went to a house in Furze Lane, Eastney after a report of a missing snake on Thursday, July 25.

The RSPCA and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service also went to the scene.

The owner has been located by police and the snake was assessed as posing a low risk to members of the public.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: "An animal rescue specialist from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service attended. A thermal imagery camera was used to try to find the snake.

"It is believed the snake may be in nearby hedgerow."