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Kent's winter road plans unveiled

"We're ready for anything". That's the claim being made by Kent County Council this week as it unveils its winter road plans. Sixty gritters are on standby and tonnes of salt has been ordered. But, budget savings have to be made again this year. So workers won't be gritting less important roads, unless there's what they call a 'snow emergency'. Andrea Thomas has been finding out more from Highway manager Carol Valentine and councillor David Brazier from Kent County Council.


VIDEO: Met Office say there is 'chance of a White Christmas'

The Met Office have announced this afternoon that many across our region may see snow this Christmas.

Chief Forecaster Eddy Carroll said:

"We can expect stormy weather in many areas to start the Christmas week, but looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we are expecting it to turn colder, with a mix of wintry showers and sunny spells but for wind speeds to drop.

"So there is a chance that some places may see a White Christmas".


Meet the Snowminator

It's not often you get asked to name a council gritting lorry but that's what's happening in Kent over the next week. A competition's being run for children to give amusing, snow-themed names to the county council's fleet of winter gritters.

The "Snowminator" has already been christened, to get things rolling; other suggestions include Auntie Freeze and Snow Farrah. Ruje Yasmin reports, speaking to Carol Valentine and Cllr David Brazier, both from Kent County Council.

The Snowminator introduced to Kent roads

Kent's fleet of 60 gritters are being introduced with their own personalities thanks to the county's school kids. "Gritney Spears", "Snowminator" and "Usain Salt" could be out gritting Kent's road this winter if put forward in Kent County Council's "Name the Gritter" competition.

David Johns speaks to Kent County Council about the amusing initiative.

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