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Bodleian library facilitates new website drawing on the Anti-Apartheid Movement

It was one of the biggest protest movements ever seen in the UK. At the height of its power 25 years ago, the Anti-Apartheid Movement was instrumental in bringing down the then Apartheid government of South Africa.

Now for the first time, rare videos, photos and posters from the era, are available for all to see online in a bid for future generations to learn about what happened. Cary Johnston reports.

Lord Nelson voyage continues

All week we've been following the tall ship Lord Nelson and her crew on their maiden voyage around the world.

One of the reasons the Jubilee Sailing Trust wanted to visit 30 countries on all seven continents was to spread its message that disabled people can play a full part in crewing a ship at sea.

But everyone aboard faces challenges and confronts fears - including injured soldier Kyle Baker who had to leave the ship when he was taken ill. Richard Jones has this report from South Africa.