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Raising awareness of defibrillators

It's one of the biggest killers in the UK. Every year, seventy-six thousand people die following a heart attack.

But many of these deaths could be avoided if the public was more aware of the life-saving equipment that's in our village halls, gyms and work-places.

That's the view of South Central Ambulance Service who're raising awareness of difibrillators in a new campaign.

They want more of us to know how to use them and feel confident in doing so. Juliette Fletcher reports from Wantage on the life-saving technology that we can all use.


Ambulance crash: Tribute to victim

South Central Ambulance has issued a new statement after a crew member was killed in a crash in the New Forest.

The statement said: "The deceased crew member was a highly valued and respected member of our staff.

"South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust would like to pay tribute to them and are currently liaising with their family to this end.

"Our overriding concern at this time is for the wishes of the deceased crew member's family and the wishes of the family of the deceased patient."

Emergency services top tip to save lives

Hampshire Fire & Rescue and South Central Ambulance Services say it can take up to three-days to trace next of kin. A message in a bottle can be a life saver to those that live alone or suffer from a disability or long-term health condition.

The message should be an A4 form that asks for basic personal and medication details. The form is then placed inside a small plastic bottle which is then kept in the fridge. A sticker is placed on the outside of the fridge to alert anyone that visit the property that information is in the fridge.

"This is a simple, free idea that can help so many people, that’s why along with South Central Ambulance Service Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is backing the scheme 100 per cent."

– Kerry Charlton, Watch Manager at HFRS