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Record numbers of jellyfish spotted off south coast

Barrel jellyfish, actually called Rhizostoma pulmo, are the largest species of jellyfish in Britain Credit: ITV Meridian

A record number of barrel jellyfish have been spotted in waters off the south coast for a second year, according to experts.

The Marine Conservation Society says there were more than 14-hundred reports last year and research is needed into why numbers are increasing.

There has also been more sightings of the potentially deadly Portuguese man-of-war.


Flood alert: more heavy rain for Dorset

The Environment Agency is urging communities in Dorset to be vigilant as further heavy rain is likely to increase the risk of flooding from groundwater. Exceptional rainfall in recent weeks has already caused groundwater flooding in some parts of Dorset.

Worst affected are Winterbourne Abbas, Martinstown, Ninestone, Winterbourne Steepleton and Wey Valley where nearly 75 homes and businesses have been flooded. The A35 trunk road has been closed for six days due to floodwater, but opened again yesterday when the Olympic Torch passed through.

A Groundwater Flood Alert remains in force for Dorset and the risk of flooding from the West Dorset Streams and Dorset Frome remains high.

Flood alert: East Swindon area warned to "be prepared"

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the River Cole and Dorcan Brook .Flooding is possible for the East Swindon area down to above Buscot Wick . The agency is warning low lying land and roads will be affected first.

Recent rainfall means that river levels on the River Cole are rising. The river may spill out into the floodplain in the Lower Stratton area.

More flood warnings for the south coast

Communities along the south coast between Dorset and Kent are warned that more flash flooding could be on the way later today,

The unsettled period of wet weather is predicted to continue across the South East throughout this week. The Environment Agency is urging residents to be aware of the risk of localised surface water flooding, from overwhelmed drains, along the South coast later this afternoon.

The Environment Agency says the ground is currently saturated due to recent heavy rain and the possibility remains that flood alerts and isolated flood warnings could be issued with further significant rainfall.

For the latest updates see the Environment Agency website here

Flood alert: Westerham to Dartford, Kent

The Environment Agency is warning people to protect their families, pets and property after issuing a flood alert for the Darent Catchment in Kent.

Flooding is possible for the The River Darent from Westerham to Dartford, including Brasted, Sundridge,Chipstead, Dunton Green, Otford, Eynsford and South Darenth overnight and into the morning. Low lying land and roads will be affected first.

River levels are rising along the River Darent after heavy rain this evening. They are expected to peak overnight tonight.


Flood alert: Gatwick and Crawley areas "be prepared"

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Ifield Brook, Upper River Mole, Gatwick Stream, Burstow Stream and Salfords Stream.

The agency says flooding is possible for the Ifield Brook, Upper River Mole, Burstow Stream and Salfords Stream including Ifield, Lowfield Heath, Charlwood, Hookwood, Bewbush, Furnace Green, Maidenbower, Crawley, Horley, Copthorne and Salfords.

These areas are likely to flood into the evening and over night tonight. Low lying land and roads will be affected first. The Environment Agency is warning residents to be prepared.

Flood warnings for the south coast

The Environment Agency is urging people along the south coast of England between Dorset and Kent, to be vigilant and prepared for the risk of flash flooding.

A line of thunderstorms is expected to bring 15-25mm of rain in an hour in some places, with the potential for up to 50mm (a month’s worth of rain) in just a few hours.

There is also a risk of flooding from rising groundwater across parts of Wiltshire, Somerset and West Dorset, including Salisbury Plain.