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TRAVEL - ROADS: HAMPSHIRE - accident at J5/M27 eastbound - 9 mile tailbacks

Two lanes are closed and there is queueing traffic for nine miles after a multi-vehicle accident and debris on road on M27 Eastbound at J5 A335 Wide Lane / A335 Stoneham Way / Stoneham Lane (Southampton Airport / Eastleigh), congestion on M27 to J3 M271 / A3057 ( Romsey / Southampton Docks).

Lane three and four (of four lanes) are closed. A lot of debris is also strewn across the carriageway.

Radio station celebrates ten years of bringing communities together

It has fifty thousand listeners and the presenters speak a myriad of languages.

And this weekend Southampton's first community radio station UNITY 101 marked its 10th anniversary in some style.

During it's decade on the airwaves the radio station has helped the city's diverse communities old and new come together.

The celebrations lasted three days and ITV News Meridian's own Sangeeta Bhabra had the honour of presenting an award to one very special lady.


Man due in court over fatal collision

Alison Steege was hit by a car on Tremona Road in Southampton in April Credit: ITV Meridian

A man is due in court after a woman was killed in a collision in Southampton.

35 year-old Alison Steege was struck by a car on Tremona Road close to Southampton General in April last year.

24 year-old Daniel Rogan has been charged with one count of causing death by dangerous driving.


Hospitals making millions of pounds in parking charges

It's a place you're forced to visit through illness - or where you visit someone who's sick. But it's been revealed today our hospitals are making millions in car parking charges.

It has outraged patients groups who say the charges are "morally wrong". And it's even worse news for patients and their relatives here in the Thames Valley, as it's revealed the John Radcliffe in Oxford is one of the country's biggest money-makers.

The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust raked in a massive £3.72 million pounds in the last year.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust made almost 1 and a half million.

The Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust - which includes the Stoke Mandeville Hospital - made 1.3 million.

and Hampshire Hospitals Trust which includes hospitals in Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover made 1.2 million pounds.

Hospitals in Berkshire haven't revealed how much they made.

But, where does that money all go? In a moment, we'll hear what YOU think of the charges - but first, Penny Silvester has this report.

Hospital Trusts defend parking revenue

Hospital Trusts in Oxford and Southampton have each raised more than £3m from parking charges in the last year.

The Freedom of Information request by the Press Association also found many hospitals are paying millons to private firms to run their car parks for them.

The Patients Association have said the charges are "morally wrong" and it's "a tax on sick people".

Both trusts have defended the revenue - saying the fees are in keeping with local parking prices

ITV News spoke to Laura Keely from Macmillan Cancer Support.

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