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Beach mystery still unsolved

Police in Essex are continuing to investigate the disappearance of a man whose personal possessions were found on the beach at Southend.

Scratch attack e-fit

Robber in scratch attack

Police have released a picture of a woman whose face was scratched in a robbery. You may find the image behind this link distressing.

Patient's new wrist

New wrist for patient

A surgeon at Southend Hospital has become the first in the world to perform a new type of wrist replacement.

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Passengers numbers top a hundred thousand at Southend

A flight lands at Southend Credit: ITV Meridian

The number of people flying from Southend has rocketed since Easyjet moved to the airport in April.

More than a hundred thousand passengers have travelled through the airport over the last two months.

Southend Council is setting up a new committee to find out about noise levels and flight numbers.

Inflatable Stonehenge arrives in Southend

If you travel to Southend today and stumble across Wiltshires' Stonehenge don't think you've taken a wrong turning.

This life sized inflatable replica is visiting the town as part of the celebrations leading up to the Olympics.

The giant blow up creation was made by the Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller and is touring the UK.

Take a look at these people - who seem to be making the most of their opportunity to bounce back in time!


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