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One of the top money-making cameras in the country

A speed camera in Southampton is one of the top 3 money-grabbing speed cameras in the country, earning well over £1m in the past three years. Official figures show more than 20,000 drivers have been caught breaking the 30 mph speed limit on the A3024 leading out of Southampton.

They've been fined at least £60 each, more depending on the speed at which they were clocked. Many people are asking whether it really does improve road safety or if it is just a money-making ploy? Sally Simmonds reports.


M25 cameras 'have not worked since 2009'

Speed cameras aimed at cutting congestion on the M25 and the M3 have not worked since 2009 and the Highways Agency says it has no idea when they will, ITV Meridian reveals today.

The cameras were introduced in 2005 and speeds are cut at busy times to ease the flow of traffic. The Highways Agency admit technical problems which they say they are working to address.

Paul Watters, of the AA says the project has seemed to "wither on the vine".