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First Olympic train leaves late

The first Olympic Javelin finally sets off to the Olympic Park Credit: Mike Pearse

The high-speed Javelin train service serving the Olympic Park got off to an inauspicious start when the first official train departed five minutes late today.

The Southeastern train company had designated the 7.04am from St Pancras station in London to the Park in Stratford as the beginning of the service. But the 140mph Japanese-built train did not leave Stratford until 7.09am.

High speed Olympic train departs from Kent for the first time.

The official Olympic train service will depart from Kent for the first time this morning.

Kent's high speed services are being used to take hundreds of thousands of passengers from St Pancras to the Olympic park.

But for thousands in Kent it means they will lose regular high speed services to London.

Southeastern say they'll put on extra carriages on slower trains to the capital.