The biker who rode at 152mph

He was travelling at more than twice the legal speed limit on a public road putting both his own and others' lives in danger.


Speed trap to protect ponies

Residents in the New Forest are volunteering to help police carry out a road safety programme to crackdown on speeding motorists.

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Rider banned after travelling at 152mph

A driver who recorded the highest speed in the country when he was caught travelling at 152mph was today disqualified from driving. Engineer Steven Tull, 37, of Liphook, Hampshire, was sentenced at Worthing Magistrates’ Court for dangerous driving, speeding and driving without an MOT.

The court heard from defence lawyer Marie Lewiecki that Tull lives with his wife in Hampshire but works in Oxfordshire and would struggle to commute if he lost his licence. Judge Roderick Hine sentenced Tull to a 12-month driving disqualification - the minimum he could impose.

Tull was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay £620 prosecution costs. Judge Hine said: "I know you find it hard to accept your driving was dangerous. The reason you were convicted of dangerous driving is what could have happened."


Drivers caught speeding in Oxford's 20mph zone

Drivers caught speeding in Oxford's 20mph zone Credit: PA

More than 80 drivers have been stopped by police for speeding in a 20 mile per hour zone in Oxford City Centre - in just one morning.

Traffic officers have recently started patrolling streets, including St Giles. 18 drivers were given fines and points on their licence. 61 others were given roadside advice.


"It takes a while for seatbelt law to sink in"

A driver in Swanage was stopped by Dorset Police's Road Safety Team for not wearing his seatbelt.

When questioned he said that he didn't wear one because "his wife was always going on at him about it".

He also said that it took a while for the new laws enforcing seat belt use to sink in.

The seatbelt law came into effect 30 years ago in 1982.

The force has revealed some of the unique excuses given to their officers in an attempt to improve the behaviour of bad drivers.

The force dealt with 4,067 traffic offences between January and March of this year.

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