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Giant spider found in shipping container

A giant stowaway spider that travelled from Taiwan to St Leonards On Sea in a shipping container has been rehomed to Drusillas Park following an RSPCA rescue.

Staff working at the Seventies BMX parts company on Moorhurst Road discovered the large Huntsman lurking in a shipment from Asia.

The spider was collected by the RSPCA on the same day before being delivered to its new home.

Huntsman spider found in shipping container Credit: Drusillas Park

Spider expert, Angela Hale from Drusillas Park said, “I am really excited to have this fantastic creature in our care; it’s not everyday that a spider this big is brought to us. Giant huntsman spiders are not dangerous or aggressive but can move extremely fast if disturbed."

Huntsman spider found in shipping container Credit: Drusillas Park

False Widow spider in Kent & East Sussex?

They're the misunderstood arachnid that's being battered by bad press. Spiders, and especially the "false widow", have been accused of biting people across the south-east in recent weeks, because of a supposed upsurge in numbers caused by global warming.

But experts say it's not the case; Iain McBride reports, talking to 7 year old Lorna Baker-Brown, her mother Karen Brown, and spider expert Greg Hitchcock from the Kent Wildlife Trust.