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RSPCA called after workers find Black Widow spider

The Black Widow spider survived in the box for several months Credit: RSPCA

Workers at Aerfin in Gatwick had a shock when they found the 4cm north American black widow spider in a box of aeroplane parts.

Staff member Rob Green carefully coaxed the spider - now nicknamed Nadia - into a plastic tub and called the RSPCA for help.

He said: “It was a bit of a shock finding her in the box. She must’ve been in there for quite a while as the box was packaged up in Arizona back in December and arrived over here in July. She has done very well to survive that long in there.

“I saw her and realised she wasn’t a normal spider from the UK - but it wasn’t until I saw the red spot on her abdomen that alarm bells rang and we looked up what she was.

“We weren’t frightened as I think there have been hardly any deaths from these spider bites - and Nadia was fine. We popped her in the box and called the RSPCA for help.”

Inspector Tony Woodley was called to the depot on Friday and moved the spider to Drusillas Park, in East Sussex for specialist care.

Britain's biggest spider patrols Kent garden

The beast is stalking a garden at Whitstable in Kent Credit: Matthew Field/Kent Online

An eight-legged beast - reported to be Britain's biggest spider - has been found in a back garden in Kent

Whitstable DJ Matthew Field was astonished to see the spider.

Wildlife experts have identified it as a Segestria Florentina - also known as the tube web spider. It preys on the feared False Widow and is the largest species found in the UK - up to five inches in diameter.

"It startled me," Mr Field said. "It definitely wasn't happy to be disturbed."

The spiders are not considered dangerous - although they can bite.


Attack of the giant M3 spider!

In case you missed it yesterday, here's a repeat of that photo that thrilled many - and sent others scurrying under their beds!

This "giant spider" was seen on the M3 motorway in Hampshire. Thankfully though it's not really an enormous arachnid just a trick of the eye as the normal sized creepy crawled onto the lens of a travel camera.

We think it deserves to be a huge web hit!