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Britain's biggest spider patrols Kent garden

The beast is stalking a garden at Whitstable in Kent Credit: Matthew Field/Kent Online

An eight-legged beast - reported to be Britain's biggest spider - has been found in a back garden in Kent

Whitstable DJ Matthew Field was astonished to see the spider.

Wildlife experts have identified it as a Segestria Florentina - also known as the tube web spider. It preys on the feared False Widow and is the largest species found in the UK - up to five inches in diameter.

"It startled me," Mr Field said. "It definitely wasn't happy to be disturbed."

The spiders are not considered dangerous - although they can bite.


Attack of the giant M3 spider!

In case you missed it yesterday, here's a repeat of that photo that thrilled many - and sent others scurrying under their beds!

This "giant spider" was seen on the M3 motorway in Hampshire. Thankfully though it's not really an enormous arachnid just a trick of the eye as the normal sized creepy crawled onto the lens of a travel camera.

We think it deserves to be a huge web hit!