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Stonehenge visitor centre 'struggling to cope with tourists'

The new £27 million visitor centre at Stonehenge is struggling to cope with the amount of visitors it receives.

Tourists have described the scenes at the centre as 'chaotic', with staff and volunteers also voicing their concerns with having to cope with thousands of visitors every day.

People have also expressed their anger through tourism websites such as TripAdvisor, criticising the ticketing and transportation from the centre to the mysterious stones.

Queues of more to an hour to go and see the stones has been the main complaint.

English Heritage has called for patients while they deal with 'teething problems'.

The £27 million new visitor centre is having a few 'teething problems' according to English Heritage Credit: ITV Meridian


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Virtual tour of stones opened at Stonehenge centre

The £27 million project to modernise facilities at Stonehenge will finally open after decades of planning. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

The new facilities are housed in a pair of single-storey "pods", sitting beneath an undulating canopy that mimics the rolling plains nearby.

Further work to decommission the existing facilities, built in 1968, and returning the car park to grass will start in the New Year.

The new visitor centre. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

There is a 360-degree Stand in the Stones experience, using state-of-the-art laser scans, to allow visitors to experience summer and winter solstices.

Young visitors experience the virtual tour of the stones. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire


Stonehenge revamp unveiled

Visitors to the historic site will be allowed inside a special exhibition Credit: PA

The much-anticipated new Stonehenge exhibition will open tomorrow, giving visitors a special exhibition surrounding the story of the historical monuments.

The transformation comes as part of an English Heritage £27 million project to enhance the visitor experience of the iconic site.

A 360-degree virtual experience will allow visitors to 'stand in the stones' where they can be transported back in time with the stones.

Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, said:

"At last, visitors to Stonehenge will be able to get a sense of the people who built this monument, of their lives, their deaths and their ceremonies. Visitors will learn the astonishing history of the stones and will see objects, many never seen before, that will bring the stones to life."

Stonehenge visitor centre is nearing completion

Video. The long awaited visitor centre at Stonehenge is nearing completion. £27 million has been spent on transforming the setting of the ancient stones and generally improving the experience for the thousands of visitors who visit the site each year.

It is the largest project undertaken by English Heritage and today, they revealed just what the public will be getting for their money. Our reporter Robert Murphy was given a preview.

Stonehenge visitor centre cost £27 million

The new visitor centre at Stonehenge will open in December, just three days before this year's winter solstice.

English Heritage is spending £27 million on the complex. There will be an exhibition which will include a 360-degree virtual experiecne, allowing visitors to feel like they are standing on the stones.

We spoke to Simon Thurley, the Chief Executive of English Heritage

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