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HMS Illustrious passes through busiest shipping route

HMS Montrose alongside HMS Illustrious Credit: Royal Navy
Crew salute HMS Montrose Credit: Royal Navy
On the look out for ships coming too close Credit: Royal Navy

HMS Illustrious has been escorted through the Strait of Hormuz by frigate HMS Montrose as she continues on her Gulf deployment.

The carrier is due to start exercises in the Gulf of Oman as part of Cougar 13, which is the annual workout of the Royal Navy's rapid reaction force.

The Strait of Hormuz is one of the world's busiest shipping routes and, at its narrowest point, is only 21 miles wide. Over 20% of the worlds petroleum passes through this waterway.

HMS Illustrious's Navigation Officer, Lieutenant Commander Richard Hewitt said, "This is the second time we have transited the Strait of Hormuz.

"With such a large ship to manoeuvre in such a busy shipping area, we to make sure we remain vigilant to vessels approaching too close."