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Dept of Health responds to calls for better access to Strep B test

The Department of Health has responded to the campaign of a mother calling for more awareness of the condition Group Strep B. Jane Plumb's baby son died after he contracted the illness. The mother-of-two from Sussex has been asking for a test for the condition to be more widely available.

“Preventing group B streptococcus (GBS) is an important issue and we are committed to reducing cases of this infection.

“In December 2012, after meeting the Group B Strep support group, Ministers and the Chief Medical Officer agreed that Public Health England should independently investigate the availability of the test.

“This investigation found the test is not effective and would result in thousands of women needlessly being offered intravenous antibiotics, which is not risk-free. We will look at the evidence again in 2015, or earlier, if new research is published which addresses these important questions.”

– Department of Health spokesperson