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Portsmouth City Council's Labour group leader resigns from party

Credit: ITV Meridian

The leader of Portsmouth City Council's Labour Group has resigned from the party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's re-election.

John Ferrett had been a party member for 27 years but said today that 'with sadness' he was standing down, because the party he campaigned for 'no longer exists'.

He said the party under Mr Corbyn had become a "protest movement that has no interest in winning power".

John Ferrett's resignation letter Credit: Twitter

Mr Ferrett's principled stand has been praised across the political spectrum.

On Twitter today he has had messages of support from fellow Labour supporters and the Conservative leader of Portsmouth City Council Donna Jones:

Mr Ferrett has long been a critic of Mr Corbyn. He spoke about the labour leader's 'inept leadership' after the party's poor showing in the local election in May

He will continue to serve as an independent councillor for the Paulsgrove ward


Former goalie makes greatest save- his wife's life

Vince Bartram is backing the campaign Credit: ITV

An ex-footballer who saved his wife's life by spotting her cancer in time is raising awareness of the disease.

Vince Bartram played in goal for Arsenal and AFC Bournemouth and now works as a coach for Saints.

He discovered a lump on his wife's breast - and within weeks she had a scan.

The couple are speaking out as part of this year's Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

Tracy, now 47, said: "It was a very difficult time in my life and for my family and I have my husband to thank for saving my life - and he knows it.

"He kept his greatest save for me - he literally saved my life.

"Now I feel it is my job to help others going through the same and make sure people know you can come out the other side."

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