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Don't worry sheep: A warning to dog owners during lambing season

Spring might still be a few weeks off, but the lambing season is already well underway. And sadly, that means many will fall victim to dogs allowed to run out of control.

Farmers say at least 100 have been killed so far this year and signs are being put up at fields where sheep are grazing to make dog owners more aware.

Richard Jones' report includes interviews with Farmer Andy Jackman, Terena Plowright from National Sheep Watch and James Osman, from the National Farmers' Union.


  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, February 2016

"Should we stay or should we go?" That referendum could be just months away now. The smart money's on June 23. So we're in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where two of our euro-MPs say we need the EU more than ever; and two of them say we must go, and we won't get a second chance.

Catherine Bearder for the LibDems and Richard Howitt for Labour argue the case for Remain. Daniel Hannan, a Conservative, and Janice Atkinson who was in UKIP but's now an independent, put the case for Leave.


South West Trains boss says railways are a success - but admits trouble with overcrowding

The boss of South West Trains says rail privatisation has been a success but admits some trains are too overcrowded.

Tim Shoveller, the company's Managing Director, hit back at critics who say handing over the rails to the private sector - 20 years ago - was a disaster.

Mr Shoveller started his career as a guard at Guildford 25 years ago.

He says passenger numbers have doubled to over 600,000 a day and SWT is now by far the busiest commuter railway in Europe. He says there has been record investment.

But he admits trains are overcrowded at busy times and measures are needed to urgently reduce the problem. He spoke exclusively to our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse

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