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Brighton residents very 'satisfied'

Brighton beach: certainly popular in the summer Credit: Press Association

A City Tracker survey has found that there is a high level of satisfaction with Brighton & Hove as a place to live, with nine out of ten participants either very or fairly satisfied.

The survey was carried out on 1,000 residents citywide in September to find out what they think of Brighton and Hove as a place to live, and how satisfied they are with key services.

This is the second set of results from the City Tracker Survey. Key findings include:

A high level of satisfaction with Brighton and Hove, and the local area, as a place to live particularly amongst 25-34 year olds

Road safety remains the greatest concern for people in the street where they live.

There are high levels of user satisfaction with the Fire and Rescue Service, Local charities and community groups, GPs and local chemists; more than nine in ten service users are satisfied.

76% of respondents feel a strong sense of belonging to their local area, whilst 90% agree that people from different backgrounds get on well together within the local area.