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Deer rescued from netting

Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service were called to West Hoathly for a deer entanglement just days after a stag had to be rescued at High Hurstwood.

Rescuers Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn from Uckfield, Chris Riddington and Dave Earl from Eastbourne had to help a female Roe deer entangled in netting in a garden nest to West Hoathly Church.

"When we arrived the deer was in the middle of some bushes and we could see some orange netting around the deer's neck" explained Trevor Weeks.

A special net was used to block the deers potential escape route. "It was not clear whether the deer was mobile and if it was still entangled how far it could move. So we blocked off one side of the bushes where the deer lay whilst Chris entered the bushes from the far side where he was able to pick his moment and jump the deer pinning her to the floor" said Kathy Martyn.

Trevor and Kathy then set about cutting the orange netting from the deer's neck which didn't take very long at all. The deer was checked over was deemed suitable for release straight away.


Angry train passengers take petition to Westminster

Angry rail passengers from Sussex went to the Department for Transport today to demand an end to the misery caused by the long running dispute at Southern.

They​'re angry many services at Seaford have been replaced with buses and say the move is having a major impact.

Here's our Transport Correspondent, Mike Pearse.

Soldier was "bullied to death" says colleague

A new witness has come forward claiming a Sussex soldier at the Deepcut Army Barracks was "bullied to death".

Sean Benton, 20, from Hastings, was the first of four recruits to die from gunshot wounds at the barracks. He was killed by five bullet wounds to the chest, twenty-one years ago.

Now, Stewart Thompson, Benton's former colleague, says a fresh inquest should be held. He is calling for a public inquiry into all the deaths.

John Ryall reports.

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