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  1. Derek Johnson (@derekjohnsonitv)

More education for young drivers says RAC

It's a chilling fact that parents of young drivers fear the most: teenage motorists are more likely to be involved in a car crash than any other age group. That's despite the fact that those youngsters make up only a very small number of drivers.

The RAC say if new licence restrictions for inexperienced drivers were brought in, every year more than 43 people could be prevented from being injured or killed. Derek Johnson reports, speaking to mother Denise Tegg and safety expert Wale Yusuff.

Firefighters Attacked

Firefighters have been pelted with stones by teenagers while they try to put out fires in Kent.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service say they have been called to Gravesend 17 times over the past fortnight. Most of the fires they attend involve rubbish bins which have been deliberately set alight.

Police, Gravesham Borough Council and the Fire Service are working together to catch those responsible for the attacks.