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  1. Tom Savvides

Calls for Germany to act over Thalidomide drug

They have been fighting for compensation for more than fifty years - victims of the Thalidomide scandal. Now people from the south east affected by the drug are among those who've taken their campaign to the European Parliament. More than two thousand babies were born with deformed limbs in the Sixties after their mothers took the morning sickness drug made in Germany. Pressure is now being put on the German government to pay millions of pounds in compensation. This report from Tom Savvides includes interviews with campaigner Alison Wright, Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds and campaigner Michaelina Argy.

Campaigning for the victims of Thalidomide

"We won't give up our fight" The words today, of a determined woman from Sussex, who's been campaigning to get compensation for the victims of the morning sickness drug - Thalidomide.

Michaelina Argy and four of her colleagues took their battle to Europe this morning to meet the EU Health Commissioner face to face.

Andrea Thomas reports on the campaign so far.

The makers of that Thalidomide drug told us they regretted the tragedy, but that the drug's use fifty years ago, was ** **was consistent with the state of scientific knowledge then. They say they have done their utmost to give support to victims over the last half-century.