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Residents feel tremors as earthquake strikes Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

The earth shook in parts of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire last night.

It's been confirmed there was an earthquake measuring 2.3 on the Richter scale - with it's epicentre around Thame - near the village of Emmington .

Tremors were felt all the way across to Oxford, Aylesbury and Chinnor.

Divya Kohli has been to a pub near the epicentre...


'Houses shaking' as earthquake struck Oxfordshire

Residents have described their houses shaking as an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.3 was confirmed in Oxfordshire.

The small quake was centred in the Thame area at 11.12pm last night - confirmed by the British Geological Survey.

People living across the area, including in Princes Risborough, Aylesbury and Bledlow in Buckinghamshire, posted on social media about feeling their homes being rocked by the quake.

2.3 magnitude earthquake in Thame

The British Geological Survey has confirmed there was a 2.3 magnitude earthquake in Thame last night.

Tremors were felt at 23:12pm in areas including Thame and Chinnor. The epicentre was Emmington.

Tremors were felt in Thame and Chinnor at 23:12pm last night Credit: British Geological Survey

Large fire at farm sends up giant plume of smoke

Ickford Road is closed in both directions Credit: NPAS Benson

Firefighters are tackling a large fire at a farm building in Shabbington, Buckinghamshire.

Thames Valley Police are also at the site, which deals with mixed waste near Thame.

Large plumes of smoke can be seen for miles around and roads have been closed.

The smoke can be seen from Aylesbury Credit: NPAS Benson

Missing parrot believed to have flown out of cage now reunited with owners

Missing parrot has been reunited with its owners in Wallingford Credit: Thames Valley Police

Following an appeal from Thames Valley Police, a missing parrot has been reunited with its owners in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

The parrot was reported stolen from a property in The Shambles at about 6.45pm on Monday (20/4).

The bird, a female African grey parrot, named Donna, flew into a house in Wallingford on Wednesday (22/4) and the occupant phoned the RSPCA. A neighbour, who had seen the appeal to find the bird, then informed the police.

It was originally suspected that the parrot had been stolen, but it is now believed that the bird escaped from its cage.


Oxfordshire's Slow Mo Guys clock up 420m views

The Slow Mo Guys, who film stunts in slow-motion have now notched up more than 420 million views on Youtube.

Explosion in slow motion Credit: Slow Mo Guys

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, who grew up in Thame, use a high-speed camera to show everything from exploding water balloons to bullets through watermelons, one hundred times slower than the human eye can see.

The pair have quickly become internet sensations, even appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the United States.

To watch the videos, visit their Youtube channel.

Toddler in hospital: Police statement

Det Sgt Darren Cartwright said: “This was obviously a frightening experience for the boy’s parents, but fortunately he doesn’t seem to have been seriously harmed. It seems he had picked up a discarded paper wrap believed to have contained an illegal drug.

“There is potential for further for forensic investigation into the incident , and we would like to make parent’s, guardians, and caregivers aware of it, especially in light of the continuing hot weather which families are taking advantage of by visiting our parks and public areas."

Toddler chews drugs wrap

A toddler has been hospitalised after he chewed on a discarded drugs wrap at a recreation ground.

The incident happened yesterday at the Southern Road recreation ground in Thame when a 14-month old boy picked up what is believed to be a discarded drugs wrap and chewing it

Police were called at 5.15pm by the ambulance service, who took the boy to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

His condition is not thought to be serious and he is being kept in overnight for observation.

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