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Shocked woman finds snake in boot of new car

A Berkshire woman was admiring a second hand car she had just bought, when she opened the boot and got a big surprise.

A three-foot boa constrictor was staring up at her.

The 3ft snake was seen curled up on towels in the car boot Credit: Charlie Wise

23-year-old Charlie Wise thought the snake was a toy at first but when the reptile flicked its tongue she screamed and slammed shut the boot.

The snake was kept in the boot despite the car being sold Credit: Charlie Wise

Charlie rang the car's previous owner who said he had lost the snake two months ago but did not want the animal anymore.

Local animal charity, Berkshire Reptiles Centre, came and collected the snake who survived the ordeal unscathed.

A friend helps to gently remove the snake from the boot Credit: Charlie Wise

Motorist designs app to avoid queues at level crossings

Help could soon be at hand for drivers left fuming, waiting in queues at level crossings. One driver from Thatcham in Berkshire is so infuriated at the problem he's decided to do something about it.

Steve Ardagh-Walter is developing a system that tells drivers when the barriers are down so they can avoid the queues. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.


Extra safety lessons for young drivers

The driving test is facing its most radical changes. Within the next few weeks the Government will consult on measures that would make young learners spend much more time practising and experience conditions like night and motorway driving.

It comes as alarming figures show young drivers are now responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of serous injuries a year.

So how will the measures help? The Under 17 Car Club (U17CC) teaches young people to drive from the age of 11 years old. It's a charity based in the Meridian region and research shows if youngpeople get more experience they are less likely to be involved in accidents or get convictions.

The U17CC promotes safe driving skills and attitudes through a programme of voluntary pre-licence driver development events.

Well this year we're following the work of the club. Members also visited the Thatcham Motor Research Centre to look at the safety work they do and the cars of the future.

In this report from our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse we talk to Oliver Lambert, aged 12, from Hampshire, Rhiannon Bailey, aged 16, from Reading and Sydney Austin, also 16, who lives near Heathrow. Shaun Cronin is from the club and Iain Wallace from Thatcham Research Centre.