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Conor Burns: It was a 'great privilege' to know Margaret Thatcher

The Conservative MP for Bournemouth West Conor Burns has been paying tribute to the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the House of Commons. He was a close personal friend of Baroness Thatcher and visited her weekly at The Ritz.

He said it was a 'great privilege' to know her and that she was a 'great mentor'

He called her a 'robust, principled and confrontational character'.

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Redwood: 'She was the best boss I ever worked for'

Conservative MP John Redwood spoke of his personal relationship with his former boss. Credit: ITV News

Conservative MP John Redwood described Baroness Thatcher as "the best boss I ever worked for," and praised her conviction, as well as "energy and diligence". Speaking in the House of Commons he said:

"She was the best boss I ever worked for, [...] She was that great figure because the private side of Margaret Thatcher was very different from the public side.

"Yes, many people beyond this house remember the woman who was so powerful in arguments and clear in conviction, but what we saw was a woman who worked incredibly long hours with such energy and diligence."


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Ed Miliband: Margaret Thatcher broke the mould

Labour leader Ed Miliband praised Baroness Thatcher for "breaking the mould".

“At each stage of her life she broke the mould - a woman at Oxford, when there was no a single woman in the university who held a full professorship.

"A woman chemist when most people assumed scientists had to be men, a woman candidate for Parliament in 1950 against the opposition of some in her party in Dartford at the age of only 24, a woman MP in 1959 when just 4% of MPs in the whole of this House were women."

Ed Miliband praised Thatcher for "breaking the mould" Credit: ITV News

Ed Milliband: Margaret Thatcher a 'unique and towering' leader

Speaking in the commons just now, Ed Milliband said that Margaret Thatcher believed that "ideology mattered".

He told MPs and Lords "We all came of age in the 1980's when we defined our politics by whether we were for or against what Margaret Thatcher stood for....she was the first political leader to warn of climate change before anyone thought of 'hugging a husky.'

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