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Weddings, births and funerals: paying the price for Operation Stack

We've heard a lot about the cost of Operation Stack to local businesses and much about the political wranglings over finding a solution. But Operation Stack's tentacles stretch far and wide. Andrea Thomas has been talking to 3 people, who've been affected by the crisis in surprising ways.


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Lorry drivers' plight in Operation Stack

At the heart the Operation Stack problems in Kent, are of course the lorry drivers and the hauliers. Some of them have endured delays of up to eighteen hours on the motorways - with their produce rotting, and their profits suffering.

David Johns reports, speaking to haulier Peter Harding and haulage expert Peter Carroll.

A night at Coquelles: 200 migrants attempt to break through fences

There are two main causes of Operation Stack at the moment. Industrial action in and around Calais. And the daily repeated attempts that are made by migrants to breach security at the Eurotunnel terminal at Coquelles near Calais.

Their tactics are growing increasingly reckless, not least because hundreds have made it across the channel in recent weeks. Nine have died in the attempt. John Ryall spent a night at Coquelles - and a day at the Calais camp that is home to some three thousand migrants.

Badger cull could be extended to Dorset

There's increasing pressure for a cull of badgers to be extended to parts of Dorset. Farmers say TB is continuing to spread through their herds and are calling for the Government to act on pre-election pledges, to eradicate the disease.

Pilot badger culls started in Somerset 2 years ago. Now applications are being prepared which could see the cull extended to part of our region as Duncan Sleightholme reports.

An emergency meeting is held to look at 'urgent options' to deal with Operation Stack

An emergency meeting has been taking place in Maidstone to review urgent options for dealing with Kent's traffic gridlock. A temporary parking zone for lorries at Ebbsfleet is one of the proposals which has been discussed by Government transport minister, Andrew Jones. He's been meeting with MPs, the police, highways officers and the County Council.


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