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Firm provides work & recovery for injured ex-soldiers

Factory in Aylesford, run by The Royal British Legion Industries, provides work for former military service personnel

Since the end of the Great War the Royal British Legion Industries in Kent has been employing former service personnel to manufacture a range of products.

The aim is to help injured soldiers with their long-term recovery - after their military career is over. Profits go towards helping those who find it hard to re-enter civilian life - and the enterprise has now re-branded itself to reflect the values behind its work. Derek Johnson reports.

  1. Sarah Saunders

Getting back to work - youth unemployment

A college in Kent has signed up to a new scheme to help people off get off benefits and back to work.

K college is targeting what some say could become the 'lost generation', as long term youth unemployment continues to rise.

The institution will offer courses to long-term unemployed young people, in association with the Royal British Legion which works with people who have been unable to find a job for more than a year. Sarah Saunders reports.